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Sunday, December 7, 2008


We put our Christmas tree up early this year so that our Thanksgiving guests could admire it. We get our trees for free---out of the ditches and not off of anyone's property. It is always in our sleeping loft right next to the bannister---too many dog tails around here that would keep knocking ornaments off should we have it in the living area.
Well, Santa brought the LCD TV early but also a laptop. All we can say about HD TV is WOW, WHO KNEW?? I have read a friend's blog and seems as though Santa is bringing lots of folks TV's and laptops for Christmas. What a guy! Maybe it is just for the "seniors"!!! I'm not transferring everything from this PC to the laptop so I can keep the laptop free of "stuff" (like my recipe file, my Forbes Park file, etc.) and it will be faster.

No snow here and sometimes that is the most exciting thing that happens around here in the wintertime. Still having lots of deer visitors though which is always fun for both of us and for the dogs as well.

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Mike McFall said...

Any BEARS recently???? Beside's Bruce, :-) Told you that HDTV was something else!!



PS. Now your getting the idea!!! On the Blog. Keep it up!!! Tell us your thoughts,,,,