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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Our weather has been really nice---in the 30's during the day, minimal wind and lots of sunshine---so today we decided was a good time to put more wood into the woodshed. We generally burn 10-12 cords of wood during our looooooooooong winters and it is always better to have too much wood in the shed than not enough.

Below is a picture of the Lucas Woodmill that Bruce bought a few years ago. It does a really good job of milling wood. You can see some of the pine logs that he has lugged down from parts of our lot to mill out to use around the old homestead. We built our garage out of wood that Bruce milled as well as the breakfast room and mud room, additions made since we moved out here full time.
He also built the woodshed out of wood that he milled out. That Lucas Woodmill has more than paid for itself. You can see Bruce beside the woodshed here, shoveling out some snow so we could toss some of the split wood down onto the decks.

This is inside the woodshed. When it is full you can't see anything but wood when you open the door. We had used all of the wood in front of those uprights you can see plus that empty space. There are two rows on the left and one on the right---maybe enough for 3 more months---but maybe not.

These rows are probably 8 feet long (from the back of the shed to the upright) and 7 feet high.
I got a bunch tossed down and stacked today and will work on it some more tomorrow---and hopefully get it pretty much filled up. Gotta watch the inauguration on Tuesday!
Hope you have enjoyed checking out the woodshed! :)+


Mike McFall said...

WOW, That's a lot of wood!! Work and Wood go together. I used to enjoy cutting and stacking wood in Fleroda for our fireplace. That is all we hweated with. However I doubt we used a drop in the bucket compared to you up there. You guys are always so ORGANIZED!!! Stay Warm

Mike (& Pat)

Mike McFall said...

Dawg Gone, I can't even spell. I better proof read next time!!!!:-)