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Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have been thinking about the past few days and did think of a few interesting things. One and two: Monday and Wednesday night we saw the International Space Station wing it's way across the sky! The Denver TV station that we watch told us when and where to watch! It is soooooo amazing to see it up there, knowing that there are folks inside it. And the third thing: We found out when attending our on line church service this morning that the senior pastor there is one of 15 men on President Obama's advisory committee. I went to the website and saw a video of a meeting that Pastor Joel was at. Also he sat beside Muhammed Ali during the inauguration and helped him stand up at the appropriate time. A photo of him sitting next to Ali is also posted on the website.

So there was something interesting to share! :)+


Sasha said...

Very cool about Joel!!! Neat about the ISS too. See, you always have something to share:)) Have a great week!!! I love you xoxo

Mike McFall said...

Nice Picture!!

No kittens yet!!!