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Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1

I know I keep saying this but WHERE IS THE YEAR GOING??? This has been a quiet week around the McElmurray house. We have had cool temps still, the garden continues to grow and the dogs are enjoying the backyard.

Bruce decided to pan 0ut some of the stuff he brought home from Buena Vista/the Arkansas River last September and here is what he got! Looks good to me!

Thursday a friend came over with some pictures that I have posted on the new FB site I have set up called Forbes Park Friends. If you want to take a look, check it out at the following:

Some of the pictures showed he and his wife fishing and I asked where they were. The pictures were taken at Mountain Home Reservoir which is sort of between our place and Fort Garland, a 40 minute drive. We decided to go down and get our fishing licenses!! I know, it is late but seems as though there has been a lot to do around the house. Anyway, here is what we caught---5 nice trout.
Bruce caught 3, I caught 2 and then it was time to come home. (I am not as wide as this shirt makes me look!) Since we get our mail at the Post Office, we figure we can take our fishing gear with us and when we go down to collect it, we'll swing by the reservoir and see what we can bring home!

Today we are heading over to Gardner for the church's annual Chuck Wagon Dinner. It is only $7 each and is great---roast beef, corn on the cob, tomatoes and cukes, sourdough biscuits, frijoles, cole slaw and pie for dessert. Yummy and it is such a pretty ride over that way! I will take the camera!


1 comment:

Mike McFall said...

Nice fish!!! Enjoy the food!
Wish we could slow down a little, never a quiet minute around here!!

Now were into Geo caching,,,,just what we ned another hobby!!

take care