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Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 8 and the woodshed's full!

And to that I say YAY!!!! It is good to get that done. Bruce says it holds around 6 1/2 cords sooooooooo...........

(click on pictures to enlarge)

here is the rest of it. Bruce will work on splitting more and I will stack it outside. The snow here usually is light and fluffy so we can just shake it off these piles to use it. We burn around 11-12 cords so we do need more but we still have time!

The weather here has been perfect. Still cool nights and not-hot days. Got the hammock up and it's been used a few times. This would be a good morning to be out there but we are getting ready to go to a picnic. Also there is smoke in the air (from who knows where) so it doesn't smell like that fresh mountain air that we are used to.

It is pretty shadowy in our back yard in the morning but couldn't resist this picture of our Bozwell with his new red ball. It is supposedly indestructible and so far, so good. He chases it and Sarah chases him! Gypsy just wonders what the heck they are doing!!!

So that is all for today. Not much exciting this week which suits us just fine! I continue to be busy with the missionary on line and the on line Bible study I set up---as well as this and the other blog I set up. The computer work keeps me on my toes. Bruce always has something he is doing around the house---fixing a leak in the basement, spreading more road base on the driveway, hauling and splitting wood. And of course let's not forget walking our three best friends!



Mike McFall said...

My Dad used to take me to the wood shed. !!LOL
It sure looks good FULL.....

Won't be long and you will need that wood!!

In just a few weeks FSU plays Miami in Tallahassee....


PatMcFAll said...

Hi Carol,

What do you have to do to get invited to your Bible Study Blog? I would like to check it out. You can email me if you want.