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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Well, folks, I have a whole bunch of neat pictures to post but the "add image" button isn't working!!! I will have to do it later in the week, I guess.

Had some visitors from Texas this week on Monday. We met newly weds Matt and Vicky, Vicky being the daughter of Jim Steifer. Jim and wife Sandy were here as well with their granddaughter, Abigail.

Wednesday I had jury duty and have the certificate to prove it. Alarming that the State didn't have the evidence it needed to convict! Geez! It was a good experience. I nominated myself as foreperson when no one would step forward---I wanted to come home. The trial was in San Luis which is a 50 minute drive from here---most of the other folks lived right there in San Luis.

Thursday I went to lunch with my friend Jane---she is who introduced us to Sandy and Jim---in Ft. Garland where we met them. They headed back to TX on Friday. It sure was good to see them.

So that is what I call "boring" without the pictures---but maybe it will straighten itself out later, or tomorrow, or the next day.............and I will post them then!

Have a great week, y'all! :)+

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