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Sunday, August 15, 2010

BEER - by Bruce

58 bottles of beer on the shelf, 58 bottles of beer! Wait 15 days and drink one down and 57 bottles of beer on the shelf...., 57 bottles of beer on the shelf, 57 bottles of beer.....

Just finished bottling 58 bottles of light beer and now have to let it sit for 15 days and then I'll see if I have 58 bottles of flat beer, 58 bottles of tasty beer, or 58 bottles that didn't explode.
That first beer from a batch is always consumed with a tad of trepidation. I have never made a bad batch but there is always the first time and so in 15 days we will have our first taste test. Once it has been properly aged and we know it is good it will last for years and keeps getting better. Sitting right next to it on the shelf are 7 large bottles of home made root beer that should be ready to drink in another week.

Sometimes you open a bottle of beer or root beer and it will pour out foam, but that just makes it all the better.

58 bottles of beer on the shelf, 58 bottles of beer, ta da ta da ta da.........hic, hic, hic...... thud....


Jim said...

I am going to try this also, and I am going to try brewing some spirits as well. Do you have a favorite link for the beer instructions? It was 104 here today, with 31% RH – about 106 -108 THI. Entirely too hot!

Bruce said...

Jim: I get all my supplies from http/
Been getting it there for years.