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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall is here - by Bruce

The hammock is going to come down today because it is getting to cool to lay out in it anymore. Regardless of when the calender says fall starts the smell is in the air here in the mountains. Tomorrow will be September and that is one month in the mountains that can be totally unpredictable. It can snow, the wind blows frequently, and generally it is the nicest month out of the year. Temperatures are seasonable, and it is refreshing to be out in.

The lettuce and spinach has been harvested as can be seen by the empty garden box. We still have swiss chard and zucchini. We have had at least two meals with zucchini and there is more ready for harvest. With the cool nights it doesn't grow very fast this time of year. It gets down to the high 40's at night and has now for the past couple weeks. That sure does slow down the growth cycle.

So regardless of what the calendar may say, fall is most certainly here. In a couple weeks the leaves on the aspen (photo's will be taken) will all be a beautiful yellow/green, and then they will start fluttering to the ground. It is a great time to be outside as much as possible.


Barbara said...

Hey Bruce, September is my favorite month of the year and fall is my favorite season although it doesn't last long enough. The only thing that I don't like about the fall is that it opens the door to winter and that is by far my least favorite season. Pretty to look at, but a torture to clean up!

I can't believe summer is ready to say goodbye to us! It's went way too fast this year! Sigh!

Anonymous said...


We are still getting zucchini here. I picked two more this morning which brings our total to 63 or 64! We have/had over 150 tomatoes on 8 plants and are still harvesting them. Have you ever thought of try some sort of a thermal cover on your garden boxes for you can start earlier and last a later in the fall?

. . . Rob

Bruce said...

Darn, Carol wouldn't let me take the hammock down. Next it will probably be covered in snow...

Bruce said...

Rob: A thermal cover would be a good idea for sure. I'll have to look in my catalogs for something that will work. I tried one year spreading straw on the plants but the cool nights pretty well stifled the growth. I'll look into it though... Thanks, Bruce