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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall? Well it was nice while it lasted - by Bruce

Here is a photo taken off our deck five minutes ago. Fall was really nice while it lasted but as usual it didn't last nearly long enough. I would like it to last until at least March. Time to get out the snow shovels and warm clothes.

Between computer problems, credibility problems in our community, and starting back doing my volunteer work for the German Shepherd rescue, I have not been posting much on this blog. The computer problems hopefully will be solved when Walmart has its day after Thanksgiving sale. The credibility problems are not going away and I'm not sure where they will end up. Some community members have tried to target and trash us for standing up for our covenants and have done a pretty good job of destroying our reputation thus far. We live in a community of somewhat petty mean spirited people who always seem to need someone to beat up on.
The volunteer work is demanding inasmuch as there is a glut of German Shepherds that are being rescued and those applying for the most part should not even have a dog. Those that do qualify either have small children or cats neither of which makes for a successful match with a German Shepherd.
Therefore I have been quite busy but we did manage to get in a few hay rides for our dogs. They love hay rides even though they are only a few minutes long. Bozwell who has his PhD in getting the most out of life takes in every aspect of the ride. Sarah who has her PhD in love and compassion simply can't stop smiling when she gets to go. Gypsy who is now a very senior citizen just lays down in the hay and watches the world slowly go by as she takes in all the sights and smells of the ride. Of the three I think Gypsy actually soaks in the ride more than the other two but it is pretty close who enjoys the rides the most.
It looks like the time for a hay ride is now over and that the wood stove will be going most of the time. Gird yourself for lots of snow photo's as that is what we have a lot of and lasts the longest. Until next time, enjoy a lot and love a lot...

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Lois said...

Very nice blog, Bruce. Thanks for today' the sweet way you describe your doggies and the way you ended..."enjoy a lot and love a lot." Sounds like good advice!