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Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 30, 2010/Carol

We hope you had a blessed Christmas. This picture was taken the day before Christmas. Pretty!

Here is 13+ year old Gyspy trying to chew on a new Nylabone.

Bozwell checking out a new "puppet" toy.

Bozwell helping Bruce open his present.

Sarah, the toy hoarder!!


Barbara said...

Oh I love these pictures Carol. Thanks for sharing them with me! Look at the different personalities of your furkids! I have one that when she's not pregnant, she thinks she is and will gather all her stuffed toys around her as if they are her children. And she's serious about it too. She walks around with her "children" in her mouth whining. When she goes to lay next to them, she is ever so careful as not to lie on them or step on them. Such a good mother she is!!!! LOL! You and Bruce have a great New Year Carol!!!! Barbara

Carol said...

awwww, you know, Barbara, we didn't get Sarah until she was probably 5 and we think she may have produced quite a number of litters. that may be exactly why she does that! no whining or anything but still.

Glad you enjoy our blog. Happy New Year to you as well, Barbara. Carol :)+

Ron and Thelma said...

Love when you show your dogs. Have a Happy New Year and may it bring you much happiness

Bruce said...

We'll try to post more photo's of our doggies. Happy New Year to you too Ron and Thelma.
We wish all those who read our blog and keep in touch with us a very Happy New Year and may it be filled with happiness, prosperity and good health for you all.