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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Deer - by Bruce

When you look outside you never know what you might see. In the top photo this little guy is odd deer out as the 10 point buck in the next photo is doing a lot of head bobbing and lip movement to this little guys mama. She is having nothing to do with him but he is one persistent guy. He is also pretty old as he has a lot of grey on his face and muzzle. Looks like he has but one thing on his mind.

He forced the little guy off and now is in pursuit of the little deer's mama. To bad we are going to mess up his fun as it is time to take the dogs for a walk and when we go outside it will probably ruin things for him. So far he has pursued her all the way around the house which is still going on as I write this..

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Bruce said...

This was a very brief courtship. Mama told Mr. single minded buck that she wasn't interested and she had experience with fast sweet talkers like him. He went over and laid down and she worked her way up the mountain.
It was funny watching him as he was working his lips up and down and around just like he was talking to her. What ever it may have been he was saying didn't win her over, that much was evident.