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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wild horses - By Bruce

We have some good friends that live south of San Luis, near the New Mexico/Colorado border. There are herds of wild horses that roam the open plains and this herd came into their yard for a drink of water. Water is pretty hard to find in this area so the horses come in for a drink. No doubt that they are totally wild though, they exhibit all the indicators of being born wild and staying wild. What a treat to be sharing a meal with friends and have a herd of 16 wild horses come in for water.

We enjoyed the beautiful drive down to their home and the generous meal they had prepared for us. It was enjoyable conversation and then to cap off a wonderful day the wild horses came in to get a drink. To say that these horses were very nervous to be this close to people is an understatement. These photo's were taken with my camera on full telephoto. Seeing a herd of wild horses and the freedom they demonstrate running with mane flying and tail up and flowing was something few will ever experience where not many horses run wild any more.

Beautiful horses and the freedom they enjoy is visibly apparent and easy to see. Click on the photo's and they will enlarge.


Deirdre said...

Oh guys!
These are amazing photos!! The horses are so beautiful. How is it that their manes and -- is it called coats? -- anyway, what makes them so smooth and beautiful? They are magnificent. I love them. You were really honored to be there and see them. Wow.

Bruce said...

Have their winter coats on, they are not tangled or anything, very clean looking. I think wild horses must know how to care for themselves. A couple gave us horse laugh's and the other's just stood and watched.

Bob said...

"Thanks for posting the pix of the wild horses. I have never seen one and it was a thrill."