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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to make something easy very hard - by Bruce

Below are two photo's of our road from the last snow storm. The photo below looks like you could actually drive around the huge pile of snow on the left but in fact that level looking snow on the right covers a rather deep ditch. To try to drive around it would leave you stuck in the ditch for a very long time.

Here is one at the top of the meadow looking down our road toward the big lake which is covered by ice and snow now. This drift is about 5' deep and as can be seen by my foot prints I walked across it with no effort. Unfortunately if you attempt to drive across it will not hold the weight of the vehicle and you will be suspended with the wheels not touching anything to give you traction. Once you get past this drift there are numerous other's between it and the end of our road. The last one the worst being at least 5' deep and hard packed on top.

Our association installed a hot line to report these situations. It was not working so e-mails were sent advising that we have been hearing traffic on the main road for the past three days and our road is still not open. We were told they did our road. HUH!!!! okay, then how do you get past this 5' deep snow to get out. We kept reporting the mess and they kept saying our road had been done. Our reports kept getting stronger and stronger. Their reply, if we didn't like the way our road was done - move somewhere else.

Okay, that is an interesting approach. Everyone else in the community is plowed out and is free to come and go but we couldn't get a snow cat down our road - but it has been done? I have cancelled a dental appointment two times now. I have exhausted all my vast collection of crayons and coloring paper trying to demonstrate to our association what the problem is.

They finally finished cleaning up our road this morning but we didn't need to go out today. Well, tomorrow is another day but shoot, its suppose to snow again tonight. Anyone question why I love dogs more than most people? Grrrrrrr......


Anonymous said...

Bruce, you should tell the powers that be that you are having a party at your house with free beer and food. Everyone who pulls in your driveway with a car or truck will get a crisp $50 bill ;^)

. . . Rob B.

Bruce said...

Thanks Rob: That's why I have good friends like you cause I'd never had thought of that... Great idea, I'll let you know how it works out.

/raylene said...

In my experience, there is no greater disappointment than a failed human being—using that term loosely---very loosely. It seems to me that everyone is so defensive these days that they err on the side of omission rather than commission. I have the same kind of neighbor right next door—I have always had the same kind of neighbor in that house—I am thoroughly convinced, honestly that the house has bad karma. The most frightening part is that the way of the world currently seems to be heading to Hell in a hand-basket at warp speed. I am learning to isolate myself in a crowd
--having fewer and fewer friends that I let get close.

I just bet you have photos and emails to support any action you might someday need to take.

PS I love my cats for the same reason that you love your dogs!!

Bruce said...

Raylene: For me the greatest disappointment is that people consider you so stupid to not know they are lying to you. I have verified factually just that.
Those photo's in the blog were sent to those disappointing people. Facts have been documented.
Personally I tend to like Rob's suggestion above. Only I think I would hike to the end of the road and place several snow shovels there and along the way....