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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Information versus mis-information: by Bruce

No this is not about Forbes Park or the local community. It is about a breed of dog that I admire and therefore volunteer for a local rescue that saves them. That would be the German Shepherd Dog. (GSD)
Many consider the breed fierce, aggressive, and a host of other things which the GSD is not. In fact they are quite the opposite. This particular breed has contributed more to society than any other single breed. They sniff out drugs, guard our property, serve as canine police officers, IED detectors, service dogs, and just about any other job possible.
Those misconceptions come from owners who have made the dog neurotic, or unstable but the breed itself is so admirable it has widely distinguished itself world wide. That is why this breed alone is so popular with our police departments, and military. Some well intentioned people through their lack of training skills can make any dog neurotic and destructive.
It is the character of this breed that they exude self confidence yet remain slightly aloof. They will stand their ground when strangers approach but accept kind overtures, but are not overeager to make new friends.
The GSD is wise, has valor and skill. A GSD has the intelligence of a 7 year old child. They are very trainable and bond well and are loyal. They do not bark unless allowed or encouraged to do so. They were originally bred to herd and they need a job or will become frustrated and neurotic. If you have children they may be herded on occasion. They are not good outdoor dogs because they want to be where you are, but love long walks, hikes and other active interests. .
Twice a year they ‘blow their coat’ where they require frequent brushing. Otherwise they will leave your house coated in fur. They are kind and accepting of other dogs and frequently are the same way with cats.
The GSD is one of the best breeds for protection and will guard your home and family due to their territorial nature. They will fight to the death to protect their family and are quick to learn who may enter that ‘magic circle‘. The GSD is a smart, independent thinker. They are not happy about being left alone for extended periods of time. They thrive when they are in close proximity to their owners.
If you are looking for an intelligent, loving, loyal, protective family member you might want to consider a GSD. Because of their attributes I have nominated the GSD to be named the State of Colorado dog. Many states are having a state dog and it is my belief that Colorado should have the GSD.
If you choose a GSD you might consider a rescued GSD. While I work for a GSD Rescue and have a certain bias in that area, they make wonderful loyal and loving family members. The better your training skills the better the GSD will be a valued member of your family. A nearby GSD Rescue can easily be found on line.
If you would like to brag on another breed, or individual pet, please feel free to do so…

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