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Friday, September 30, 2011

More Backyard Trail Cam Photo's:

Juvenile elk licking that stump where there used to be a salt block. It mist have leached into the stump because it has been gone for several years. We never knew that these animals were in the back yard, but thanks to our trail camera we discovered they must come and go without our ever knowing it.

The above photo shows them leaving the area, and we must have startled them without even realizing it. The top photo shows a nice looking buck looking directly at the camera. Pretty amazing how they can come and go and we are not aware of their presence. They like to come and browse on the foliage over the septic tank drain field, adjacent to where the camera is positioned.


Bruce said...

The top photo is a perfect replica of Junior who was our friend for many years. I have no doubt this guy is one of his off spring.

Skip said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Deirdre said...

Another whole line of winning and winsome pictures. Who'da thunk that salt lick would have made so many so happy! The profile of that singular elk in the bottom pic -- has nobility written all over it.