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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Off Spring of Junior???

This guy was captured on our trail camera recently. Never knew he was out back. He has the same characteristics that Junior had. For those who don't know about Junior he was a very special guy. The first year after we moved here full time a doe and two fawns came up to me when I was out clearing the brush and limbs next to the house. I was talking to her and she followed me around like my best friend and the two little fawns would run in spurts and bounce around. That went on all day. Two years later we looked out back and there were two big bucks out there and one was eye balling our bird feeder. I went under the house and got an empty ice cream bucket and filled it with some bird seed and as I was carrying it out back he walked right up to me and started to eat from the bucket. They were the two fawns grown up.

Junior came around for 13 years and would come right up to me, let me rub his nose, feed him from hand and had adopted me as his good friend. He came back one time last year late in what I think was to say good bye. He was pretty old and grey around the muzzle and we have many fond memories and stories of Junior. Junior has several unique characteristics. He had a dark bar that was between his eyes, his antlers were close together and not spread out like other deer, he was pretty blocky is size. He was also the most gentle and loving deer I have or probably will ever know. When I would rub his nose or give him an apple he would make mewing sounds and look at me with nothing but warmth and affection in his eyes.

This guy has two of the characteristics that Junior had. Antlers that are sort of pinched together and that dark bar between his eyes. If he is not one of Junior's off spring it is a rare coincidence. It is very difficult to think of Junior without tearing up as we have spent some very special years together. I just hope Juniors off spring son is half the guy he was as he was highly unique and special. I have never been adopted and trusted completely by any deer before but Junior did just that and the experience was truly remarkable. I would like to write more about Junior but it is still pretty hard to do because of the involuntary tears that seem to come when I do try.

So maybe this boy is Junior/Junior, it certainly appears he could be. Junior was a real ladies man and would exhaust himself and then come to us and lay down next to the fence and be totally at peace as he knew we were watching out for him. He would lay there all day, we would walk past him, he would roll an eye toward us and never move, the dogs would go out back and leave him be to regather his strength so he could then grab a bite to eat and go out in a couple days to woe more ladies. Hand me that tissue...


Barbara J. Galasso said...

Oh Bruce, you know how much I love reading about your stories of Junior and I do hope this is an offspring of his. I this youngster will also give you years of future storytelling to share with us. I love reading all of your animals stories!

Bruce said...

It is still pretty hard to write about Junior, I'm pretty sure he is now in deer heaven. I really miss him a lot. I'll try to add a story about him from time to time when I'm able to see the computer screen. Its kind of like losing one of your pets, it takes a while to get over the loss.

Pat said...

I hope this guy learned from his dad that the folks in that house right over there are friendly and good for treats… Let us know if he becomes friendly. I do hope so.

Raylene said...

I needed tissues as well. It is a God moment when an animal trusts you enough to connect with you. After all these years, my two stray cats have bonded with me more like a dog. They "listen" to me and respond to more than a few commands. I do believe we are all God's creatures and meant to have positive relationships...except those who have bad karma.