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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back Yard Camera

I am going to have to either back off or not post current photo's of the animals that visit us. It appears that some poachers may be looking at our site and using it to work our area. I observed who it could be earlier today and if that is the case it wouldn't go anywhere anyway since they are friends of those who are in charge of stopping the poaching. We found evidence on our recent walks that our road which is on the perimeter is getting suspicious activity.
Posting current animal photos where the poachers can access our blog site is giving them a menu to use. I'll post photo's after the hunting season is over.


Amy said...

What a shame.

Pat said...

Well, the fun just never stops, does it? Sorry you're having this problem... Something particularly cold and certainly unsporting about shooting animals who believe themselves to be in a "safe zone."

Patricia said...

Sad but not surprising considering the mentality of some hunters. I would still report it just to let them know they are being watched and don't hesitate to call the game warden.

Deirdre said...

This is horrible.