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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back Yard Visitor

More photos of back yard visitors taken several days ago.


Deirdre said...

He's back! ~~~ Poachers must be gone? ~~ Wow, Bruce, the delineations of his face really show up in these pictures. He has such character. I would love to touch him. Guess that's silly, but it's almolst like my hand yearns to feel that forehead of his -- and maybe scratch it. That must mean simply that this shot really captured some of his essence and his spririt breath. Wow. I hope he keeps coming back!

Bruce said...

I'm like you Deirdre: I would like to rub his nose and scratch his head. Junior let me do that sometimes and he would make these really neat little mewing sounds of pleasure. For a powerful buck like that to allow themselves to even be touched is remarkable but when they do you know you have their complete trust. It is enough to make your heard do funny things. They seem to sense what you are made of..