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Saturday, January 28, 2012

World Wide View

It is with great humility and happiness that I see so many visiting our blog site. We had a counter and live traffic feed installed on our blog site so we could see how many and from where people are that visit our site. We are aware that our lifestyle is different from most people in these modern times but we never expected people from all over the world to be visiting our site to read about how and where we live, like has happened. Other blog sites are cross referencing our site and as a result we are getting viewers from just about every point of the world and across N. America from Maine to California, and Florida to Wisconsin. Numerous places from Canada. When we started this site it was to keep friends updated on how we live and cope with the fairly harsh environment. It has grown beyond our wildest expectations thanks to all of you who visit regularly.

As I sit here being warmed by the wood stove someone from Russia, British Columbia, England, Iceland, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Croatia, Portugal, Australia, Thailand, Belgium, Abu Dhabi, Sweden, Romania, Hungary, Nova Scotia, Albania, Tobago, Korea, Jordan, Korea, Bulgaria, Philippines, Taipei, and a host of other countries that I have not been able to keep up with come to visit our site. If you visit our blog site and I missed your country I apologize as it has been difficult to keep up with everyone who looks at our site. Several places I have put into my search engine to see your area. I find it fascinating when I look at your areas too.

We now have, thanks to being a participant in Mother Earth News blog site, between 500 - 600 viewers a week checking out our site. It is very humbling for us because what we accept as routine others find interesting. As I look at those sites that visit us I ponder what life is like for them in their country, how they view our lifestyle, and are we making a good or bad impression on visitors from other countries. Thousands of questions run through my head as I see how many are following our blog site and from where they visit from.

So to all our viewers from other countries and domestic I want to humbly thank you for taking an interest in how we live here in our little mountain cabin and thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting our site. I am deeply grateful for everyone who takes the time to visit our site to see how and where we live. I will try to post things that will reflect our area and lifestyle for you. If you have cross posted our blog site on your site I thank you for considering it worthy enough to make mention of. This has been an exciting experience for us and the thanks go to all those who visit our blog site. Thank you and I hope you will keep coming back for more visits.


Barbara said...

Hey Bruce: I was one of those on your Mother Earth website about an hour ago. You're doing very well with your articles. Keep up the good work my friend! Barbara

Mountain Dream Land & Log Homes said...

Very Cool Bruce!


Mike said...

Very Cool Bruce!