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Monday, February 27, 2012

Blogger Of The Month Honor

I was just told today that I will be honored as blogger of the month for the April/May edition of Mother Earth News magazine. I believe that I will be the 5th or 6th featured blogger for Mother Earth News. So be sure to pick up a copy off the news stand if you are not a subscriber. It was to appear in the last issue but got bumped for extra advertising. I have now been advised it will be in this next issue.

Since I have been given publishing rights for the blog I have noticed that there are at least a couple hundred bloggers, and to be the 5th or 6th blogger honored by the second largest magazine in the country is astounding and humbling to me. Compared with all those other bloggers that are experts in their field I consider it a high honor to be included - yet alone featured in the magazine.

So be sure to check out the next issue of Mother Earth News. It should hit the news stands after the middle of March.


Barbara said...

VERY BIG CONGRATULATIONS BRUCE! You are more than deserving of this award! Barbara

Bruce said...

Thank you Barbara: Actually I aspire to be as good or close to as good a writer as you are. I have a ways to go yet though. Bruce

Raylene said...

"Comes as no surprise to me! You are a gifted writer---you do know, there is a book in you yet to be.

Jane said...

Congratulations, Bruce! You deserve it! you’re a wonderful writer J Jane