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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Introduction Of A Friend

I would like to introduce readers of this blog to a valued friend of mine,  Sakoieta Widrick.  Sakoieta' lives in Canada, and is a member of the Mohawk tribe, wolf clan.  In the years I have known Sakoieta he has been a real inspiration to myself as well as countless others. He has both enriched my life and also my outlook on life .  Sakoieta teaches at Brock University and is an accomplished musician among other things. His flute music is soothing to the soul and if you want to just fully relax, listening to his beautiful music will accomplish that.

I have asked Sakoieta to contribute articles to this blog site that will reflect insight into his lifestyle and endless wisdom.  Although we come from different backgrounds and heritage, I have found that we share many things in common.  Our love for the land,  nature, our religious belief, our family values just to name a few.

We first met when we both participated in a Christian blog site several years ago.  We both left that site as the other participants found it difficult to believe that an Indian could also be a Christian.  Sakoieta introduced me to another good friend - Robert Soto - a member of the Lipan Apache tribe in Texas.  Robert is the Christian pastor of three churches and has a world wide ministry that is bringing the Indian to Christianity.  Robert tells me that less than 1% of Indian's are Christian, and have strayed from any faith at all.

So when you see an article by Sakoieta in the future you will know who he is, and I am sure you will find his wit, wisdom and values educational and valuable tools for sound living.  Most of all he is my friend whom I have learned to value greatly.  Watch for his articles in the future. I a very excited to have him as an occasional contributor to this blog.  


David said...

This is SO exciting. I'm looking forward to the articles from a fellow Christian brother!

Sakoieta said...

I think as a Native American even our understanding of what "Christian" means is different. My beliefs are that there is a natural world that was created that was created by a loving Creator. We, as most Native Americans were placed in this world with the responsibility to always give thanks back to the created order and by doing this we honor and show respect, love and admiration for that created natural world and it’s Creator. We then follow the seasonal changes that occur and all of the life that shows itself to us during those seasonal changes. In our lifestyle of following that created order we then offer words of thanksgiving, songs of thanksgiving and dances of thanksgiving that bring us into balance with the natural world and as such there is a strong reverance for it’s Creator and what the Creator has created and our role and responsibility is to recognize we are the caretakers of that created order out of respect for those who have passed on who taught us that belief, those of us who now live on the earth continuing that belief and keeping it alive for those who are yet to be born. This is our sacred role as human beings and our responsibility for those of us who honor our Creator by following the lifestyle He created and gave to us to follow.

Carol said...

I believe what you believe as a Native American is more in line as to what the Christian attitude SHOULD be but is not.

For example I am often asked which day we are to worship God the Creator. I believe that we are to worship Him every day!