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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back Yard Activity

Unsuspecting doe on her way to some place caught on the trail camera. 

 Unsuspecting wife on her way some place caught on the trail camera.
 This is a serene setting with the deer enjoying the calm and safety of the back yard.
 Not sure where this girl is headed but she is moving right along.
Couldn't resist putting this one in as it is a set of velvet antlers only and the buck that owns them slipped by just under the camera.

If you click on the photo it will enlarge.


Pat said...

Love the photos… especially the unsuspecting wife! And also the buck’s antlers… matches the bear peeking over the trash cans up at our timeshare. Dave didn’t send me that image, so I can’t post it, but it is so cute…

Your trail cam is good…

Raylene said...

This picture is CLEARLY a sign of Peace---deer talk for don’t shoot my arse!

Janie said...

Carol cut her hair???? Ha!ha! this is a good camera scenario J are those Carol’s antlers???? J