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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Unexpected Events

 We were taking Echo to the Vet yesterday for what we thought was an infected wart.  Turns out it was a cyst that was infected.  The past week or two  he had been licking this area on his rib cage and  it was clearly bothering him.  Hence we took him in only to find out he needed surgery.  Above is his three + inch incision.  When Carol brought him home he was somewhat wobbly on his legs and disoriented as to what was going on or where he was.  This morning he is back to his old alert self and glad to be home and not have that cyst.  We are all glad to have him back to nearly normal and on the mend.
Life here can change quickly.  We woke up yesterday morning thinking he would just be placed on medication and the visit and surgery ended up taking most of the day.  It took him a while to get over the disconnect of where he was and what was going on. Clearly he was a little foggy as he didn't know his name until this morning.   Needless to say  he received much pampering and attention.  Back to our normal routine or not - here is another day and we'll see what it holds for us.  So far it started out with a restless night due to Echo getting over his anesthesia and  not being comfortable in any of his normal places in the house. Now it is 21 degrees outside with the possibility of snow later today or tomorrow.  Much to prepare for today.


Barbara said...

I'm glad that all went well with Echo's surgery Bruce. I'm sharing your story here. And what's up with that 21 degree weather in October? Yikes! I hope your day is better today! Barbara

Bruce said...

Thanks Barbara: My day is already better by seeing Echo come out of his anesthesia fog. He is being his normal self and only when he gets excited and makes an awkward move does he realize he has stitches there. With it being cold out today he and us will rest up from the anxiety of yesterday.
I don't know about that 21 degrees. Life in the mountains seems like that though. It is warm and nice one minute and next thing you know it is freezing or a blizzard. The short of it is there is no normal here.

Patricia said...

Get well soon Echo!

Stephen said...

Get well soon my big lap dog!