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Sunday, January 6, 2013

More Profound Wisdom From Sakoieta'

I'm happy to post my friend Sakoieta's topics here for us all to learn from.  He has a combination of wit, wisdom, experience and history that make his comments personal to all of us. There is much to be learned from his profound observations and wisdom. I hope readers from around the world enjoy and learn from what he has to say as much as I do.   Enjoy!

I remember awhile back having alot of trouble with a small group of people who were really out to try to discredit everything I did, and basically really just being nasty to the point where some of them even tried to cause a lot of damage to me and my family personally. I was really perplexed because it seemed that there was no way to really deal with these people in a good way that would resolve things, mainly because they didn’t want to resolve things. Finally after dealing with this and trying to resolve things anyway, I went to my uncle to talk with him about what I should do. He told me a story that has stuck with me to this day. He told me once he was invited to go to an event and he was all dressed up. Since he had no car at that time he decided to walk on what was a very muddy road to get to where he had to go. While walking on this road a car that passed him happened to splash mud on his pants. He refused to tey to rub the mud off knowing it would just make the mud go deeper into the fabric of the pants so he just kept walking and finally arriving to where he needed to go, he loooked at his clothes and saw the mud had dried. So he stopped and just gave his pants a shake and all the mud fell off. Unless someone looked really close he said, they would not be able to tell that he had been splashed at all. That is what he advised me to do. He told me to do the same. Ride this out until it is done and then just shake it off. Sooner or later they will quit and move onto more targets of their own choosing. By making the choice not to respond or react none of the things that have been said will stick with you or on you. This was probably the best advice I ever received for having to deal with situations like that.

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