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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nice Day In The Mountains

Just came back from a nice walk down the road.  Snow is crunchy, air is crisp, no wind and a blinding blue sky. Let the dogs out last night to go potty and Sarah got cold feet and after a couple minutes just stood in the back of the yard lifting on foot and then the other.  Her feet were to cold to run to the house so I carried her inside and we massaged her feet and warmed her up.  None of the dogs want to go out to go potty except Bozwell who seems to love the cold.  Forecast for tonight is lower temperatures than last night. Good day to stay inside and watch the Bronco's play the Ravens. That is going to hurt when those guys hit the ground or each other. Cold crisp air and frozen ground - ouch.
Go Bronco's...


Bruce said...

Comment by Pat: Good grief – it’s only 52° INSIDE???

Bruce said...

That is pretty nice for sleeping. When it gets really cold outside we usually get up at night to feed the wood stove.