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Friday, January 4, 2013

White Ermine

We have twice seen this animal around our wood shed. It is a Colorado Ermine.  I saw it initially and then  Carol observed it again this morning.  The one we see has a much cleaner coat than this one does and they are beautiful.  They are carnivores so I hope this little guy will start to work on some of the rabbits around here. We have mice, voles and pack rats as well if he is not particular. We have plenty for them to eat with an  abundant  food source.  Bon Appetite little guy..Happy hunting...thin out our rabbit and rodent population.  


Sakoieta said...

This is the short tailed Ermine. He also has a cousin that is the long tailed Ermine. Up here we just refer to them as weasels anyways. LOL

Bruce said...

By Raylene:
I have heard of ermine coats and now I know what an ermine looks like—too cute to waste on a coat! I remember someone in the outskirts of Marcellus raising minks to sell for coats—they lived near Tuscoaroura Golf course……do you remember this Carol?

Carol said...

Yes I do!!!