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Sunday, February 24, 2013

How We Hurt Those Closest To Us - By Sakoieta'

Tough work today. Putting on my counselor’s hat. One of the things many people fail to realize especially working with families and disputes that if at times when we are trying to heal relationships with family and wondering why certain relatives will hold alot of anger toward one person or parents or grandparents and continue the blame game is they are actually trying to figure out ways to deal with things that have happened or events that occurred. Most often that anger will be directed to the party that a person knows deep within themselves that there is a love and a caring there in that person that can handle and deal with the anger and blaming. By saying that I am saying that a person may not know how to deal with the emotions that are within themselves so they look for the most loving, caring, person they can find to unload their emotions on. By doing this with that person they realize even though they may not verbalize it, that person is a safe person for them to do that with, without having fear of being rejected. Often this is why Parents and children seems to be at odds in some cases, or siblings seem to be at odds with each other. The person who is hurting is looking for a safe person to unload their emotions on as they search for answers within themselves.

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great perspective.......