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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mother Earth News Has It's Web Site Up And Running Again

Mother Earth News is back up and running again.  I just submitted a new blog on stone work but now that pot is legal in Colorado I should have named it stoned work.  All joking aside doing stone work is hard tedious labor but when the job is done it sure looks nice.
The new and revised web site is a REALLY nice site and so much more efficient than the old site.  It is easier to make comments and by clicking on the persons name on the tag line it will show you all the postings they have made.  It allows readers to submit email questions or comments to the writer once they have  logged in on the site. I don't know presently if my present submission will go under the DIY heading or under Homesteading but it should be live sometime tomorrow.
Check out the new site and I think you will find it more improved from the old site.  It is still at  

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