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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Serving With Honor - By Sakoieta

"While Sakoieta is referring to Canada his subject is broad reaching and could easily apply to the USA or several European or other countries.  As usual his insight and wisdom speak to the core of the problem and not just  the symptoms".  (editorial comment)

Thinking this morning on the scandals that are seeming to rock the government and I really believe that the people involved, and others not yet named, have lost sight of the purpose and focus on why they were put into place in the first place. They were never given positions of power and responsibility to use these positions to take advantage of the people they were supposed to represent and take care of. A person can achieve greatness by having a good purpose and focus guiding their life and aspirations, not just merely a good personality. Purpose shapes personality, not the other way around. Some of our Chiefs in the past, like Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Chief John Ross, and others were all great leaders, but their central purpose was even greater. Every seed of knowledge, every ounce of wisdom, was to lead and guide their people, not to take advantage of them. They were constantly reminded of how much they had yet to learn in life. When a purpose and a goal stand for the good of the people, it carries a seed of greatness. In its simplicity it has not time for constant limelight, but only to accomplish more and reach farther. In areas of public service, doing something to help your people keeps good willing workers humble, as they should be. They know they are only scratching the surface of all there is to do and they will face unbelievable barriers that are set in their way by ignorant people. What we have seen in the government of Canada is people caught in their own webs of lies and deceit because they used their positions in incorrect and extremely selfish ways.

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