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Saturday, October 12, 2013

SMW - (Sudden Mountain Winter)

 Before when the temperature was 51 degrees.
 After when the temperature was 31 degrees the same day.
Snow that will probably be here until May 2014.  We can go from Summer/Fall to Winter in an instant - or in this case within 4 hours.  I took the top photo to accompany an article I sent to Mother Earth News on how much work is required to get ready for winter and the short amount of time available.  Had I waited 4 more hours that photo would have already been snow covered.  It does not pay to procrastinate when you live in the mountains. I'm sure the elk hunters will love the snow but for the rest of us it just represents a lot of preparation and work. I sure makes things pretty though...


Bruce said...

Comment by Sakoieta: Beautiful pics though. Many thanks for sharing. :)

Sween said...

If it doesn't pay to procrastinate in the Fall...why do I keep doing it. For example, writing comments when I should be spraying Russian Knapweed ??