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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hands And What They Reveal - by Sakoieta'

Looking yesterday at my hands I noticed I have my Father’s hands. I sat down to think about this and thought about the ways our hands really reveal what type of person we are. They are the revelation of what is happening in the mind. Our hands may be rough or have callouses on them from the hard work we do, or they may be soft. However they are conditioned they can show strength, gentleness or kindness and caring. Nothing else expresses human behavior in so many ways. With our hands we work, play, love, show joy or grief, hate, threaten, help, heal, kill or destroy. Simple sensitive examples of our beliefs and relationships, they either draw many people and many things to us or they repel and push away everyone and everything. Wondrously made they are directed by the mind’s eye, the mind’s ears and the mind’s heart our hands continuously express everything about our lives. An abusive hand is from an abusive mind. But the gentle touch of a healing and helping hand does exist as well, even for those who have yet to experience it. Often what words cannot say, the hands can express with love, tenderness and caring. What do your hands say about you?

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