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Friday, January 17, 2014


Grits are actually a good breakfast and can be eaten alone or as a side dish normally with breakfast. I learned to like them when we were living in the south where they are more popular than other parts of the country. Some confuse them with cream of wheat but they are not eaten the same way. Grits are actually quite nutritious and contain only 182 calories plus one gram of fat in a one cup serving. Oatmeal has 166 calories and 3 grams of fat. 

 Grits can be served with a small dollop of butter which adds fat but gives them a good taste. They are actually ground up dried corn which you add hot water to and they are good to go. One way I like them is with either a very small dollop of low fat butter or with about a half teaspoon of low fat creamed cheese mixed in. It adds just enough flavor and not excess fat to make them very good. 

We used to get them when we lived in Tallahassee, Fla. from the grist mill at the Junior Museum when they cranked it up about once a year. We used to also buy our corn meal at the same time. Nothing like fresh ground grits or corn meal. They also used to make sorghum syrup which is almost pure sugar but darn good on biscuits or corn bread.

I still love grits for breakfast just by themselves. One of the guys that used to fish with our group came from up north and he never could figure out the difference between grits and creme of wheat. He messed up some really great grits when we would stop for breakfast mornings before we would all go fishing. We can't get fresh ground grits now like when we lived in the south but Quaker makes some pretty good instant grits.  


Bruce said...

Comment by Mike: ya, Mom,,,I like grits too!!!

I sure miss them from our Tallahassee days. we just don't see them up here....darn!!


Bruce said...

Addl: comment by Mike: PS. Bruce we will look for some QO instant grits.... I like cheese in them!!!! I miss the southern food a whole lot more than I miss the south!!:-)

Bruce said...

Comment by Sakoieta: I have mine with pure maple syrup. LOL