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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Respect Others - By Sakioeta'

I remember being told that some of our best characteristics should be to be honest, truthful, just and compassionate to and with other people. So I struggle a bit when I read or hear of how some people find it entertaining to watch someone bring someone down with a degree of innocence. I mean we are all free to pick and choose what we choose to watch and listen to but how many really admire or like to see such an act of treachery. What it must be like to get enjoyment out of manipulating and generally ruining another person’s life for pure enjoyment and entertainment really is beyond my thinking. So who do we trust or rely on? Well we can certainly start with ourselves. By weeding out our past negative emotions and desires where we were tempted to get even, we can become someone who can be trusted. It is a beginning and a responsibility.

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