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Monday, March 10, 2014

Why Do We Hurt Those We Love? - by Sakioeta'

All of us at times have faced or will face hurt, feeling betrayed or dishonored from those we love and care about. The reason those we love have so much more power to hurt us and the reason it seems to hurt so much more coming from them is because we are open to them. When we trust in full confidence we are without the usual protection we keep around us for those we do not know or trust. But unlike some people who keep taking the hurt and excuse it by saying, "but this is my son, or daughter or some other relative doing this and I love them." Never accept words meant to hurt because they are the responsibility of the speaker not the hearer. When you are caught off guard, we need to hold our emotions in silence for a moment and be still so that our words are not words meant to hurt or cause damage either. Time will allow us to deal with things properly and to deal with them as they should be addressed and dealt with.

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