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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Game VS Overrun?

Three pack rats in three days. I'm re-homing them about 5-600 yards down the road but but I can almost swear that this is the second time for this particular one. They all do look pretty much alike but there is a familiarity with this one. Either we have a healthy amount of pack rats or they need to be re-homed much farther away due to their built in GPS systems. I'm starting to wonder when I release them it they are not somehow beating me home.

They say that we need to keep our wood storage 70' from the house because they do not venture much farther than that. I'm not so sure that is accurate as I have live trapped three in three nights and they sure look very much alike. Anyway I'll play their game (actually it is kind of fun) and keep re-homing them further and further away. If this is a game I will win in the long run as I'm feeding them copious amounts of peanut butter so ultimately they will get fat. They if I take them further and further away to re-home them they will get exhausted trying to come back with all that weight.


Patricia M said...

Why not tag them with a little bit of spray paint?

Stephen said...

They are hoping to be adopted Bruce.