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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Memories/by Carol

Back in the day my sister Marg and I got 25 cents an hour for babysitting...hard to buy each other Christmas presents when that was our sole income. Therefore Mom would buy something for us to give each other.

Marg and I slept upstairs in our small house. It was unheated and there was a short hallway between our two rooms, the stairs going off that hallway.

One night around Christmas we were talking back and forth and I think I was the one that started the conversation: "You will never guess what I got you for Christmas...there are three of them." "Really?" says Marg. "Give me a hint." I said, "One is red, one is black and one is white."  Silence...then laughter. "I got you the same thing!!!"

Ah, so thankful for memories................especially those that make me smile!

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