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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Life Lesson From An Antlion

The lowly antlion which also digs its traps in soft sandy soil can provide a life lesson. It is also known as the doodle bug. It digs a concave cone like trap in the ground and then waits in the bottom for an unsuspecting insect to stumble into the trap and the harder the insect struggles it keeps falling further into the trap. The trap is designed so the grains of sand on the sides give way as it struggles to free itself and when it nears the bottom the antlion grabs it with its pincers and kills and consumes it.

Life lays traps like that for us as we navigate through the challenges we face each day. Wise people are able to avoid most of those traps but some fall victim to them. There are a host of traps we face each day. That drink after work with the guys can easily lead to addiction. That flirtation with the opposite sex can lead to infidelity, or that experimentation with drugs can lead to a downward spiral. Being involved in lies and gossip. Secretly working behind others backs to bring them down so you can look good. Being a tale bearer. Ect...

Carol told me about one of her acquaintances whose husband started smoking marijuana about a year and a half ago. It progressed to cocaine and then to crack cocaine all within about 18 months. She came home from work one day and discovered their bank accounts were cleaned out and her husband was gone. To bad he didn't know about the antlion and how it lays its trap and those who fall in spiral to destruction. Young people see a terrorist web site that glorifies a destructive life and fall victim to well presented lies and can't wait to join up to kill people.

The list now days is endless and there are antlion traps in every direction. People who are self absorbed taking 'selfie' photos of themselves all the time. Going through daily life with their head down texting and staying in touch with people 5 years from now won't even remember them. Teens struggling to be like all their peers. They all need to reflect on the antlion and see what they can learn from its behavior. They walk a hazardous path and the antlion traps are all over where they progress. If they fall into one they can easily be drawn to the bottom where that antlion is waiting to grab them and pull them into its chamber to consume.

Look at the lowly antlion and observe and learn to evade the traps that lie in wait for those tempted to seek a more tantalizing life. Once in the trap getting out is almost impossible. Learn from the antlion.

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Gypsy said...

Great advice there - we can all benefit from it and thinking about the traps that entice us.