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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Really Seeing by Sakoieta'

Somewhere deep within us is a likeness to others that really defies the most drastic differences we believe exists. If it wasn’t so we would be a people of no compassion, incapable of loving, caring and not understanding the needs of our fellow human beings. It is true in many ways we are very different. Perhaps you can’t stand me and what I am or who I am, I might not like some of what you represent either. BUT I know from experience that changes when we get to know each other. Sometimes people aren’t what we think they are and vice versa because time has taught us to protect our own vulnerability and prejudices. But there is a spark of humanity and spirit in each of us that can penetrate the protection and it helps us to reach out to another human being and say to the most unlikely people, "You poor person. I like you any way". When we do this do we realize we are actually talking to ourselves?