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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Routine And Respect

I have a routine each morning and have for over 35 years. When I arise in the morning I take care of personal needs and then sit down with a cup of coffee and do my morning bible study and prayers. Our current canine family members can tell that this is a special time for me and hence they lay down and wait because they know when I am finished they will get fed. Here in the photo all four can be seen napping or just laying there waiting. They respectfully do this every morning. They have not been trained nor have I demanded they give me this time alone even though we are all in the same room. They instinctively know that this is special time and they show me respect by not bothering me during this time.  This blog is about respect.

For my friends, family, acquaintances or just the casual reader this particular blog is aimed at the respect our family members give me each morning and not about my faith or beliefs. If you are offended because I pray or read the bible each morning I'm sorry because that is not the intent of this blog. I am not ashamed or timid over my belief nor my routine on how I start each day. This should not offend anyone but if it does you have lost the intent and nature of the blog which is undeserved respect freely and willingly given.


Beth said...

Regardless of the activity of the routine, I believe it is good to have those moments of solitude. It's lovely to see that your animals relish in it too. When I used to do yoga, my dogs thought it was playtime. :) I have 4 dogs and anytime a human is on the floor, they are fair game. Haha.

Ajay Rochester said...

I'm hoping you might help me find some people living off the grid in your area (or perhaps that is already you). We are working on a TV show for The Discovery Channel and want to help people living off grid get better water and power etc for their homes. If you know anyone who could use a helping hand that would really make my day. My email is
Thank you and have a great day

Bruce said...

Ajay: I have posted your comment so if any readers are interested they can contact you direct. I have sent your inquiry to a friend who may also know of someone.

David said...

Thank you for this great advice. I also do Bible study and prayer first thing in the morning when I'm fresh and it starts the day off heading in the right direction. Unfortunately my dog does not seem to care...maybe I need to do the food thing like you said. Thanks, David