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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Game Time

We have a little game we play with the dogs called "cereal". Not an original name but fun for the dogs. We toss several handfuls of puffed rice cereal out on the carpet and they go to town scoffing it up. It was a dark gloomy day out today so I decided they needed a pick me up so cereal was the choice. After they have it all eaten up they will still look for more that may have escaped them initially.

Bozley was pretty uncertain to play when he first came with us but now he gets right into the game with the others. They share well and enjoy the game. When they start to get cabin fever and need something to get them up again we will play 'cereal' or 'hide and seek' with miniature marshmallows. One of us will take them outside while the other one hides the marshmallows around the house and then we will tell them 'hide and seek' and they will go in search of those tiny marshmallows. Sometimes we will have to guide them with directions and they know exactly what we are telling them so it is a learning experience too.  Try it with your fur family members and I'll bet they will like it just as much as ours do.

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