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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Revenge - Why? by Sakoieta

Only time heals most wounds as long as we don’t keep irritating old hurts and expect them to heal, but we cannot let them control us either. I was totally blown away yesterday when my partner and I went for breakfast. Sitting next to us was this beautiful little elderly woman and her husband. We could hear them talking and all of a sudden I hear this little woman say, the way I do things if any one hurts me in any way I will do whatever I can and how ever long I have to do it to get even. I couldn’t believe I was hearing her say these things. All of us in life have missed the mark and we just pick ourselves up and try again. Others hopefully do the same. But I could not imagine spending my life’s time using it to get even with someone because they missed the mark as well and hurt us in some way or fashion.

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