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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dead Trees

 Last time the charity was out to haul firewood we overloaded the trailer and it buckled in the middle. It was old and beyond repair so we bought a new trailer to use to haul firewood. Much smaller but also very light and it pivots so it can dump off to the side. The old trailer was so heavy I could barely lift it to hook it up to the tractor.
 The charity is coming out again early this week so I have around 20-25 trees down for them to de-limb and cut up for firewood. This time they will have to haul the logs down to the road to load and I am hoping they will carry the limbs down to the edge of the road where I can load them onto the trailer to haul away. Last time they left the limbs and it will take us a month or more to haul them down to be disposed of.
 Photo above and below are the dead trees that I cut up for them for firewood. We have only scratched the surface on cutting down dead trees.

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