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Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Generator

After twenty winters we finally broke down and bought a generator. It is mainly for being able to plug in the block heater if the electricity goes out. We have lost power two times in the last three weeks due to high winds. The wind has been much worse this year than past years and the electricity has gone out for 5 1/2 and 5 hours each time.

The longest the electricity has ever been out has been 5 days because the crew couldn't get to the disruptions due to high wind and deep snow. It has been out for a day or two at a time but not recently. Now if we lose power and need to clear the snow we can plug in the block heater to the generator and be able to get in and out if needed. We have a few other uses for it as well. We have portable propane heaters to keep the pipes from freezing under the house and the wood stove to keep them from freezing in the house. We also have a walk behind snow thrower and it has electric start so we can use the generator to get it going.

Extra precautions just in case we would lose electricity for an extended time period.

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