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Monday, March 6, 2017

Windy Weather

 Good Morning blog followers:  Today is one of those days that we don't much care for. Wind gusts up to 55 MPH and wind pretty steady at 35 MPH. I was asked yesterday how much snow we still had so I took a three foot ruler out and stuck it in a snow bank. There is 6" about the snow and in places it is deeper than that. I figured that is pretty much average. Our wind gauge says it is blowing 40 MPH and it is 24 degrees so the wind chill takes your breath away. Below is the ground covered with ice because yesterday it was up to 47 degrees and now the ground is covered with ice where the snow melted yesterday. I only stayed outside long enough to get these photos as the wind is to strong to stand up on ice. The snow blowing at that speed really stings your face. Another beautiful day in the mountains. I also didn't want to get hit with a tree branch as the wind is breaking them off and they fly through the air at a pretty good rate of speed.
 Below is the drifts along the driveway that show how deep they are. As I sit here and write this a gust of wind just blew pine needles against the house and the dogs got scared at the noise and it didn't do much for us either. This weather is suppose to last until tonight.

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