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Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 11, 2017

 Life in the mountains can be tough. I just cleaned up 5 trees that were blown over in the wind over the winter and have about 30+ yet to go and last night we received the heaviest snow I recall. We had hail for about 1" and then very heavy snow for the next 12". When the sun came up and we were able to look around we noticed that there were trees broken off and laying on the ground from the heavy snow. The conifers seemed to lose some limbs but the aspen were either broken in half or just toppled over. It seems that our summer is now decided for us and it will be cutting up and mulching trees.


Lee Sowers said...

I am quickly learning Colorado weather in the high country is trying at best.

Jonathan Hedman said...

I thought we were doing bad with snow in April in Maine this year, but you have had two or three storms since my last one. We have had two weeks of off and on rain an below normal temperatures, but I don't know what our spring flowers would do with three extra snow storms to contend with. Wishing you sustained spring soon.
jon hedman
gray maine