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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Our board walk out the back door has a couple boards that are failing due to all the rain we have been getting. I went into Alamosa specifically for pavers to replace the wooden walkway. Big R always has had in the past 20 years a couple pallets of pavers out front but this year they had them in the side yard instead. I needed 14 pavers and they only had 13 plus a broken one. On to Tractor Supply where they have had them out front also but this time they did not have a single one. One last place to look, and I drove way to the other side of town, to a landscape business that has several types. When I got to the turn off to the store they were redoing the road and I didn't see any way to get to the business. I could see the business but the road was closed with tar all over it.

I came home from a total bust on pavers and had drove 95 miles plus to accomplish nothing. Then I tried to attach the front end loader to the tractor. After bleeding the loader hydraulic lines to take out excess pressure but still the hoses would not connect. Two of the four hoses would connect but two would not. A $2,400. tractor attachment and it won't even work. It has been a problem since I bought it and hence have only used it four times. One time I had to have the dealer attach it because of the same problem. The dealer charges over $360.00 to come out and that is without lifting a wrench. As they scratch their head, review their messages, ponder the problem the meter is running.  It is just better to let the loader sit instead of paying over $300. to use it each time I need it. I think I just need to go back to bed and stay there... and the front end loader can stay in its bed and rust away. Arrrgggg


Paul Ethier said...

I have had the same problem with attaching skid steer attachments to my tractor. I had to disconnect the lines on the attachment at a fitting to bleed the pressure off. Just a couple of wrenches and you should be good to go. I suppose you could put in a tee with a cap or valve so removing the cap or opening the valve would bleed the lines to make it easier in the future. Amazing how the pressure can stay in attachments after considerable time being disconnected. Frustrating !

Bruce said...

Thanks Paul: I have bled the lines but I'm thinking I need to open the lines that will not connect and once connected tighten the nuts. Those couplings will go on 'almost' all the way with the exception of 1/8th an inch and won't click into place. I have tried taking the pressure off the lines and nothing seems to work. You are right those lines hold a lot of pressure over a long time. Thanks for the suggestion...