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Saturday, January 24, 2015

snow forts/by Carol

One of my friends from back in the day were talking about snow fall and she mentioned the snow forts we used to build out of the piles at the end of the driveways after they had been plowed. Those snow forts sure were fun. I remember one time my sister and I were building one and it was to be "L" shaped. We wondered how much further we had to go so I was in one part and she was in the other. The way we were going to measure is she was going to poke a broom stick through the "wall". She sure did...right onto my nose! It was probably the first time I swore out loud! Makes me smile just thinking of it but at the time there was no smiling! Ah, memories from the good old days........

Friday, January 23, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22, Snow

 We woke up to a foot of fresh snow today and it was 6 degrees outside. It is a light snow and easy to move and shovel. That makes a total of 82" of snow this snow season which is less than average which is 264" for the winter snow season. We have 182" to go for this season to meet average. With roughly 3 more months to go that means we need to get 60" of snow each month to achieve average snowfall. 5' per month is not out of the question but that adds up to 15' over the next 3 months. We have been enjoying very seasonable weather for us and have been able to work outside during the day in shirt sleeves which is highly unusual.
 the above photo shows the picnic area where yesterday we had a cowboy breakfast because the snow was not a problem. Timing is everything when you live in the mountains.
It is hard to look at that sky without sun glasses as it is so blue and contrasts the snow covered mountain side. We clearly live in a beautiful place but the weather is very unpredictable and often brutal.  We are thankful for the snow because it provides the needed moisture required the rest of the year.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Today the weather person says we are to get up to 12" of snow and it won't warm up past the 20 degrees it currently is. I was cooking cowboy breakfast outside and Mr. Bunny sat under this tree the entire time I was making breakfast. We had a conversation about the pending snow that is forecast and when I brought breakfast inside he was scrunched up even more. I told him the area around the wood stove is nice and warm in case he is interested but I don't know if he will take advantage of the warm or not. He was only about 15' away and never moved except to look at me every once and a while. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Old VS New

My first car was a 1947 Chevy Coop that I bought for $200.00. Back then I could work on cars with a few wrenches, screw drivers, hammer, pliers and of course a bobby pin and tinfoil from a stick of gum. I did all my own repairs back then because what I didn't know one of my buddies would have known. We worked on each others cars and with the basic of tools repairs were pretty easy. On my car I replaced the exhaust system, put a new A-Frame assembly on the right front and did the alignment. I would take the rocker arm cover off and adjust my own valves. Those were the good old days when things were made to adjust and easy to fix. Sometimes a little bailing wire was needed or improvisation but we did our own work. I even helped a buddy pull and replace his flat head V-8 motor once. Cars would last maybe 100,000 miles and along the way we would do a lot of 'fixing'.
That was then and now is much different.

In the old days we didn't have warning lights on vehicles. In fact I had to buy seat belts for my car and install them myself. The dimmer switch for the head lights was a button on the floor. The stick shift was on the steering column and it was the old 'H' system to remember the three shifting positions and also reverse since there were no position markers to tell you what gear you were in.

Recently the engine light came on with our Jeep Liberty. It is 13 years old after all but has low mileage. I took it in to our mechanic and he connected it to a computer. I was advised that it was the throttle sensor module that needed to be replaced. I was then told "There is no accelerator cable any more and how this little sensor sent a message to the engine on how much gas was needed". What??? No accelerator cable to adjust - just an electronic module. Then I was told that the module ordered from the parts store when tested before they installed it was also defective and they had called the parts company for another.

When they plugged my car in it told them all kinds of information including the service dates and that all the other components were working as required. Plug the car into a computer and its entire systems were analyzed and the exact problem was diagnosed. A $40.00 part and a good mechanic to install it and I was back on the road again without worry. All those lights on the dashboard have significance and the durn Jeep ran well and I would never have guessed it could have broken down unless that little light came on and I took it in to be checked. Now cars  last up to 250,000 - 300,000 miles or more. Cars are more expensive now but they last longer. Unfortunately they can't be worked on by the average guy.

 In some ways I miss not being able to work on my vehicles but then again I like the simplicity of how they are built now days. I used to analyse my valves by putting a stick on the engine head and listening through it. That seemed pretty simple but not as simple as using a computer to detect the problem and then unplugging one part and plugging in another. When I went to change the oil in the Jeep I couldn't find the oil filter and when I did I couldn't reach it. I'm still not sure how mechanics manage to get to it to change it. I can't even change my own oil anymore. I used to check the oil for grit or any metal, smell, rub it between my fingers all just to be sure it was okay. Now I have to have it changed because it is so difficult. I guess that is a trade off for having a functional working vehicle for two or three times as long.

 For someone used to doing their own maintenance and repair I guess the old days are gone now and are just a memory albeit a good memory. Young folks won't have the opportunity to experience those good times and that is kind of sad.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fresh Snow

 We received 8" of fresh snow with about 1/4" ice under it. We welcome the snow as it provides the moisture that we will need later in the year. Fortunately the wind is not blowing as the wind can redistribute the snow into 2' plus snow drifts. We also make sure that there is enough sunflower seed in the feeder for the birds.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

$1.49 Of Pure Fun

For those dog parents who read this blog for $1,49, you can enjoy some pure fun with your fur friends. That is the cost of a bag of mini marshmallows from the store. Carol will let the three dogs out into the back yard or on the deck and I will place in plain sight and hide (also in plain sight) some mini marshmallows. Then the dogs come in together and the hunt is on. Between their sense of smell and keen eyesight they hunt down and scoff up all those hidden marshmallows.

It is a game they all love and it is difficult enough to where they have to actually search for the treats which challenges them and they enjoy the change of pace. A few marshmallows is not enough to harm them and they are mostly air anyway. We get the pleasure of directing them to the more difficult finds but telling them they are getting warmer and warmer until they find the treat. Clearly a win win situation for all concerned.

If you haven't tried it I recommend it to stimulate your pet and enjoy the fun yourself.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Second coat

Took a break from football to put a second coat of oil and wax finish on the wood box. The first coat soaks into the wood and the second coat bonds to the first coat and makes for a deep rich finish that will last a very long time. That is especially necessary for a piece of furniture that gets used on a daily basis.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Search Beyond The Allusion by Sakoieta

After a recent experience got me to thinking I realized we always need to be very vigilant and try to see things and understand them for ourselves. We need to be able to search for truth as it is, not as it seems to be. For instance a shadow doesn’t always show us what caused it. The shadow is a silhouette or a dark outline cast by something standing in the way of light. Frequently it is quite opposite from what it appears to be. A cluster of leaves can throw a shadow that looks like a huge snowflake, but in reality it is not a snow flake at all. So it is with chasing a shadow over some one else’s reputation. What seems to be fact may not be fact at all, but only appearance like the leaf cluster that looks like a snowflake. Most of the time we would be lost if we had to depend on people’s appearances. We are so sure of what we are seeing that little can change our mind, until truth moves and presents itself but the shadow didn’t.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Restored Firewood Box

Our firewood box had gotten dark with age and yesterday was such a nice day outside I decided to take it out on the front deck and refinish it. I made the box 20+ years ago out of walnut and rock maple and hand cut the dove tail joints. When you hand cut dove tail joints you never know until you try to fit them together if they will fit or not. If not your box gets smaller as you have to start all over again. Fortunately these joints all fit and the box is solid and has been a great firewood box for the past 18 years. In the summer we store the wood stove utensils in it.
It now looks new again with a new coat of finish and some fine sanding paper to get down to the true color of the wood. Years of treating it with lemon oil had darkened it to where I couldn't tell which wood was which. I also added some cut nails to give it a more attractive appearance. I think it is good for at least another 20 years now.  It had become so dark that had forgotten how pretty the wood actually was.  That is Sarah's bed in the foreground.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ease Up On Yourself - by Sakioeta

People need to ease up and not be so hard on themselves. Self- condemnation is as bad as being lazy and indolent because it is so extreme and unrelenting. Though restraint doesn’t always sit well with us, at least it is more gentle and doesn’t tear down the spirit. Recognize who you are- your own best friend. You are not simply an acquaintance. You are not someone you want to insult or hurt, and you certainly are not someone you want to compete with. Instead you are a person with special qualities and special gifts that need to be cultivated. Go back in time and recall where you got in trouble with yourself. Did someone put you down? Whose opinion do you respect- the words of some outsider who has no tact, or the judgment of your own best friend? As time goes on, you will come to know who your true friends are. And you are the best friend of all that you have to look to

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Skill Jobs

Yesterday when I was in town to have my finger checked I stopped at McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich. The parking lot was pretty full and a McDonalds semi was off loading food supplies. As I sat there in my vehicle eating my sandwich the semi left and I watched as the driver threaded his way out to the highway. I was right behind the semi driver and couldn't fathom the skill it took him to work his way through traffic without a single problem. Other drivers were not giving the semi driver any room to work with and still he patiently worked his way safely out into traffic causing not one single problem.

As I watched this huge vehicle I couldn't help but marvel at the outstanding skill of the driver. We see these big rigs on the highway all the time and take them for granted. These drivers drive millions of miles each year and deliver those products that make our lives easier to live and I'm sure others may not appreciate the skill and tedious mile after mile these men and women put in day after day to make our lives better. I was truly impressed with the skill and patience this particular driver utilized in working through that busy parking lot safely. I don't think I will take these rigs for granted again.

Mountain Sunrises

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment for the injury to my finger and I arose early head into town. As I drove through the valley toward town I was blessed with some of the most beautiful views. I pulled over to take a photo of the mountains which were aglow in sunlight while the valley was still in darkness. The sun rise was breath taking with its orange, peach, yellow and purple colors all mixed together. I would have liked to take more photos but I had many things to do before the doctor appointment and needed to get into town.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Silence A Therapy by Sakoieta

Silence. This one word to some brings to mind the scariest thoughts possible while to others it is a welcome relief and others yet, a sign of hope. Not everything we do has to include words or talk. I have witnessed some of the strongest acts a human is capable of just by watching people at times, being totally silent but getting things done. I remember the one young man in China standing in front of the tanks in Tiananmen square. Didn’t say any thing but by his standing silent and refusing to move such action became noteworthy to where the whole world witnessed his action. I often remember being able to sit with some of our Elder members of society when they were in hospital. Many times not saying a word only having them grab my hand and sitting in this manner for several hours. Then later having people mention to me how important those visits were to their parents and jokingly mentioning to them, "but I never said a word to them" and being told "just that you took the time to come and sit meant the world." The silence often in ceremony. Sweats where few words were spoken, totally dark inside the lodge where in silence we worked with ourselves to be able to enter the outside world again with a renewed mind body and spirit. Silence when we attend the passing of someone, not having to say a word to anyone but just being there in silence lending support and many other different ways. Silence can be the greatest teacher, teaching us self-control, courage, endurance, patience and helping us maintain our own self-respect and dignity. Silence...just by at times standing in support for something and not having to say anything, demonstrates the greatest strength in the world. Standing strong and letting peace do it’s work.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome The Day by Sakoieta

It is always a time of receiving strength and newness when I wake up early and watch the sunrise. It is these mornings that call me to brightness of spirit and to healing any deep hurts that may affect the soul. It is always good to step away from those and to step out and breathe in the peace. I have been taught that as the sun rises to greet it with open hands and words of thanksgiving to receive the strength that will come for the day and the wisdom I need to begin the new year. One of our greatest teachers here on Earth is the natural world because she continues to thrive, where often humans choose to give up. The negative is turned away and only the positive fills our minds, souls and spirits. All around us nature constantly reminds us to do the same. 


As I start the dawn of a new year instead of making resolutions that I will most likely not keep I make a project list instead. Check out this concept in my latest blog for Mother Earth News:

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Nurture Your Inner Self by Sakoieta

We all like to feast with a huge banquet of food and friends to share it all. But there is another type of feast that is in the heart at the core where we live. It is only part of being human that often people believe themselves to be victims in many ways and they starve at the center of their being. They worry excessively about who will look after them, who will feed them who will help to make sure they survive when they reach the aged years. It is good to never start a day without a song on your lips and in your heart. Never start a day being sour and hard to get along with. Never talk trouble or give an ear to those who do. Never give another person reason to be unhappy. Always remember this is your day. You woke and arose this morning, you are alive and this is a day of celebrating another day in your life.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cold Morning - Grits

When it is -11 degrees outside there is nothing like a steaming bowl of grits to warm the insides. They are versatile because they can have a dab of butter added or shredded cheddar cheese. cream cheese or just eat them plain. A nice hot nutritious breakfast for a cold morning in the mountains.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Frosty Morning

Frost makes such intricate patterns...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wise Observation by Sakoieta

Some of the best ideas that people have developed get ruined because they believe they have to turn it into an organization, set up councils and committees to run it all. If they do they lose the common touch and the organization will turn into catchy phrases, graphics or initials that identify it. Committees will spend their time having lunches and talking about promotions rather than quality of product. People lose sight of quality and excellent service as they try to squeeze out more hours, more money, and more product that no longer is what it once was. Watch out for titles, power and wretched little people who want recognition with as little work as possible. Come down off it. Do good service, make a good product that is not the chicken soup of the day made from chemical flavorings. We need to do everything with the motto, "I can be trusted." It will amaze us what it can do to keep quality consistent.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas memories by Carol

Each Christmas our Dad would wake my sister and I up by standing at the bottom of the stairs that led up to our bedrooms on the 2nd floor and shout HO HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS. Dad  wore the apron that my brother has on in the picture above taken in 1985 and made pancakes for breakfast! It was a yearly event and only on Christmas morning.  

Ah, fond memories of days gone by.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Won't be posting for a couple weeks due to injured finger. Here is what I pecked out to FB friends below.
"Dumb!!!!!! was taking the trash to the dumpster. Got there and all the doors were frozen shut. One set was open about 6" and a rock lay on the ground so I figured someone else had used it to crack the ice to open the door so I picked it up to give the door a tap too. Some how my finger got between the rock and the steel door. Smashed my 2nd finger tip and crushed the bone. The ER doc. sewed it back up as good as he could but the finger was in too many pieces to put it all back together. Won't be on FB for awhile -can only type with one finger."

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Living With Dogs On The Homestead

Check out the latest blog on Mother Earth News about living with dogs on the homestead.  They are excellent family members and make huge contributions.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Accepting Responsibility - by Sakoieta'

It has been said that every time someone does something wrong, someone else sacrifices and suffers. It is almost always the innocent who pay because the guilty will not accept responsibility for the damage they have done, either in their words or by their actions. So the time comes when we need to stand back from those who have acted in this manner and let the irresponsible get their feet back on the ground and accept the responsibility of their actions. As long as someone stands for them or enables them to continue they will not learn to stand on their own two feet. The greatest gift of love, some call it tough love, is also painful but it lets them alone until they find their place to stand to take responsibility for their lives.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Deer Connections

The trail camera captured a photo of a deer we believe is the adopted daughter of Daisy, Juniors mother and a pretty special deer. I have written about both Junior and Daisy previously and both were very special and taught us a great deal about deer. Daisy adopted 'Daughter' when she was a small fawn and had broke her left front leg at the knee. Her biological mom kept driving her off and we witnessed as Daisy went after the biological mom and served as surrogate mother of the fawn and protector. If any other deer came near that fawn Daisy would rise up and give them a whack that sent them running. We watched as Daisy cared for that fawn until its leg was healed and it grew into adulthood. The injury left its left leg slightly larger at the knee area than its right leg and 'daughter' has remained around our home ever since. Daisy has now passed on but her adopted daughter who would have died had it not been for Daisy lives on.

Two days ago I was cutting up a downed tree in back of the house and here comes daughter walking briskly past me. She was only 6-8' away and stopped momentarily where I was working. Her action made me look back and here is a large 8 point buck clearly looking for a little mid afternoon loving. He too has been hanging around for the summer, fall and now into the winter. Once I sized up the situation I told him if 'Daughter' wasn't willing to leave her alone. He looked me right in the eyes and turned abruptly not 8' from where I was standing and headed up the hill and Daughter moved off in the other direction.

I don't know if deer understand or not or if that was coincidence but I have been talking to the deer so many years and the responses have been so consistent that I think there is some connection there. Just like our dogs understand nearly every word we speak to them I believe deer are more than capable of a similar understanding. I thought it was interesting that Daughter led him right to where I was working and stopped adjacent to me. He may well catch up with Daughter elsewhere but for that day he just walked away and left her alone in peace.

It is these small pleasures in life that keep life interesting.  Often Daughter will be laying down and I will go by where she is at and she will not move. I believe between us there is a connection that is unique and wonderful. I remember how Junior would make small mewing sounds when I would rub his nose or feed him an apple. Life can be exciting if we just look in the right places.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Confessions Of A Deer Hunter

I have hunted deer for a good part of my life but I have never shot a deer. I have been on several private hunts, hunted at a hunting camp reserved for only the most serious deer hunters in Georgia, hunted deer all over, but I have never shot a deer. Some would say this is just bad luck but I have had more opportunities than most people would have in a lifetime of deer hunting. I chose not to shoot deer.

Why would I go deer hunting a person might ask if I had no intention of shooting a deer. The answer is simple I enjoy the camaraderie and good fellowship of deer hunters. These guys are fun loving, enjoy their time hunting deer and are just fun to be with. The good matured joking, the banter, the ribbing each other, the stories and the overall general atmosphere of a bunch of guys getting together to drink an adult beverage and eat well.

Regardless of where you stand on the sport of deer hunting getting together like this is just plain fun. Being with guys who know how to eat good, have an adult beverage, swap stories, joke and prank each other is just plain and simple having a good time. I don't believe there is anything more enjoyable than a bunch of guys getting together like they do with deer hunting.

I have no problem with someone else shooting a deer and I have helped drag them out of the woods and skin them out. I just don't shoot them. I do have a problem with poachers who hunt illegally and those who shoot deer for their impressive racks and wall mount ability and then leave the body in the woods. Those type people give me a real problem.

But for me I have enjoyed hundreds of hunts and I have never shot a deer nor do I intend to. I find them to be magnificent animals and therefore I simply do not shoot them. Do I hunt them - yes - but I pass up the shooting part. I enjoy being in the woods with the animals and and being with a bunch of good men as described above. Over the years my hunting pardners have just considered my bad luck at hunting but in truth it was never my intent to shoot a deer. The only way I would have killed a deer is if when I was dozing up against a tree if one had tripped over my gun and killed itself.

I am good as stalking and have gotten close enough to deer to actually touch them in the woods which is no easy feat. For me the enjoyment part was seeing the deer, being in the woods and with the guys. I mean where else can a guy go and burp, fart, tell wild stories and be not only accepted but believed and a 'good ole boy'?  I would venture to say that there are a lot of experienced deer hunters just like myself that have never shot a deer either or when they do shoot their sights are 'off'' or something ruined their shot.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Beautiful Turkey

One time several years ago when I was living in N. Florida I went turkey hunting with permission on some private land. I was sitting up against a tree along a small stream when I heard a turkey gobble some distance off. I knew the biggest mistake I could make was to make a hen cluck and purr call to often so I made a call and sat and waited. After several minutes I heard the gobbler coming through the woods right to me. As I sat ready suddenly the turkey stepped out of the brush not 8' from me directly into a shaft of strong sunlight coming through the trees.

The bird actually glowed bronze and the various different colors that came from his feathers as he stood there with them ruffled up mesmerized with a beauty that I had not seen before. He hopped across the stream into another shaft of sunlight and with the woods totally silent and his pure beauty I sat there looking at this magnificent bird radiating his glorious colors and forgot why I was even there.

The entire incident only lasted 2-3 minutes but I was so transfixed with the pure beauty of that bird next think I knew he stepped behind a tree about a dozen feet away and was gone from sight. It was such a beautiful sight that I forgot I was hunting turkey and actually had a shotgun. On reflection it would have been the most severe crime against nature to have shot that bird under the circumstances.

We frequently have turkey around our house and while I have seen hundreds of wild turkey since I have never seen a bird that even came close to that bird. It was a rare moment where natures pure beauty gave me a glimpse of how gorgeous a brown turkey can be when they are illuminated in a shaft of sunlight.

While this doesn't speak highly of my hunting ability I hope it speaks favorably to my ability to appreciate something that is pure beauty.  It was like the time I was deer hunting and a doe walked out of the dense woods just a few feet from me followed by a very large buck who took that opportunity to mate with the doe. I couldn't bring myself to shoot him in that situation so waited and next thing I knew they were in the brush out of sight forever. I guess I never was much of a hunter actually. I just enjoyed being with the animals more than the thought of shooting them.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Culvert Beauty

Each winter we have ice form at the end of an 18" steel culvert. A spring that comes out of the ground on our lot flows down the mountain to a road ditch and then follows that ditch to the culvert. We often stop on our walks to admire the huge chunk of solid ice that forms where it comes out the end of the culvert. The stream flows all year long and when the  ice forms here the little creek about half way down our lot creates an ice dam that sometimes builds up to 4-5' high thereby backing up the water until spring melt.
While we don't have much in the way of snow on the ground we do have this beauty to look at on our walks so we thought we would share it.

Sunrises Are Fading

It is nearing that time of year when the alignment of the earth is changing so our sunrises are only a few minutes and fading. They are still beautiful even though I have to rush outside to capture them.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

150 Years Later

Today, as runners complete the 16th annual, 180-mile Sand Creek Spiritual Healing run, marking the 150th anniversary and commemoration of the Sand Creek Massacre, I offer something that has been too long in coming.
On behalf of the state of Colorado, I want to apologize.
To the runners, to the Tribal Leaders and to all of the Indigenous people and the proud and painful legacy you represent…
On behalf of the good, peaceful and loving people in Colorado, I am sorry for the atrocity that our government and its agents visutteited upon your ancestors. I want to assure you that we will not run from this history, and that we will always work for peace and healing.
Yesterday Colorado State Governor John Hickenlooper finally after 150 years  uttered an apology to our Native American brothers and sisters over Sand Creek atrocity. It took a long time coming but here it is and it was clearly sincere. If more of our elected officials would do the same including the Federal Government perhaps we could for once put these times behind us, recognize history for what it is not what some want to portray it as being and move ahead as the brothers we are and not the oppressors we have been. 
Until we honestly acknowledge mistakes in the past and move to correct them like Gov. Hickenlooper has done in this case we are going to be living with lies and open wounds of the past. 

Early Morning Trip

We woke up early this morning and decided to head into town for a grocery run. We left at 5:00 AM when it was still dark and this is one of the scenes we had coming home. The weather forecast today was for freezing rain and snow so we thought by going into town early we would avoid the bad weather. The above photo is the view we had returning home. The mountains with low lying fog and the mountains in the back ground looking across the valley. Beautiful...something to share.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Memories/by Carol

Back in the day my sister Marg and I got 25 cents an hour for babysitting...hard to buy each other Christmas presents when that was our sole income. Therefore Mom would buy something for us to give each other.

Marg and I slept upstairs in our small house. It was unheated and there was a short hallway between our two rooms, the stairs going off that hallway.

One night around Christmas we were talking back and forth and I think I was the one that started the conversation: "You will never guess what I got you for Christmas...there are three of them." "Really?" says Marg. "Give me a hint." I said, "One is red, one is black and one is white."  Silence...then laughter. "I got you the same thing!!!"

Ah, so thankful for memories................especially those that make me smile!

Colorado Dreaming

Dreaming when I look at those garden boxes about springtime. Check out the entire article at:

Wood Carver

 Carol used to have the hobby of being a wood carver. These are four pieces of her work that we bring out each Christmas. She is of the traditional carvers where she used only knives. Now days carvers use electric tools to go faster and produce more pieces.
Carol would take a blank piece of wood and when she finished she would have made something like this one little chip at a time. She did some fine arts shows and had her work on display in Lancaster, PA.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Amazing Memory

 I had put one feeder out for the mountain chickadee's but the one in the photos I had not hung up yet. As I was filling it with sun flower seed I noted several of the chickadee's were perched on the railing watching me. As soon (and I mean as soon) as my hand started to leave it they were all over the hook and feeder. As usual they each took only one seed and flew off. Orderly and polite.
Their behavior indicates that they remembered this particular feeder from last winter. The other tubular feeder has been up for a few weeks now but I just decided to put this one up. These birds are amazing and their behavior is educational to witness. We also have stellar jays which are similar to the blue jays up north and back east except these are cobalt blue and bigger. The stellar jays will fly in and light under the feeder and then the chickadee's will drop several seeds for them too. I don't thing there is a selfish feather on these chickadee's. So much to learn from our feathered friends and four legged fur friends if we only take the time to stop and watch.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Past/Carol

I can remember a tree similar to this at my Mom and Dad's house. I am not sure but I have a suspicion that a friend of theirs who was "into" ceramics may have made theirs. I always loved it and had hoped to have one someday...and someday is now!

Starting this year it will be part of our Christmas decorating tradition...............and I will always think of my Mom and Dad when we put it out.

You can find it and many really neat "old time" items at

Friday, November 28, 2014

Conservation By Sakoieta

We, who are living, have been given the privilege of being able to walk and live on the Earth. We have been taught and are to keep it in our uppermost mind that we should walk in such a way as to leave no footprints or do no damage to the Earth. We have been taught it is our responsibility to protect the earth for generations to come. We need to constantly remind ourselves of this, by asking ourselves, what will the future generations do when they come and find that the Earth will not provide for them because of what we either did or allowed to happen? We need to think of how great a sadness it will be if our grandchildren and those yet coming suffer because of what we did or failed to do. We are accountable to the future generations. That is just the way it is.

Up Early In The Mountains

 It is worth the beautiful sunrise to get up early this time of year. The morning sunrise is stunning to behold. There will always be time for a short nap later. New camera captures the sun rise without washing much of the color out with the automatic flash like the point and shoot did. The detail is much more distinct too. Enjoy....