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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Closet

From dead standing tree, to log, to lumber, to waiting patiently while the lumber dries, to making a closet for clothes. Check out the entire blog at:


 Doesn't seem like almost 10 years ago that Junior was using our home as a home base. He would come around and sleep just outside the back yard fence when he wore himself out chasing the does constantly. He would come to the fence and stand there until he got our attention and when he did he would lay down and go right to sleep. Sometimes he would sleep for hours and we could come and go and he would lay right there and sleep. He would do this for several months until the snow would get too deep and then he would head down the mountain for better feed grounds.

He was a best friend and would walk up to me and follow me around through out the day. Here in this photo he looks dead but he was just sound asleep knowing we would look out for him. He is gone now but we sure had a special relationship when he was alive. We sure miss him and his constant presence at our home. He adopted us and spent most of his life right here at our home. He would wander off at times but always came back. Sure miss our Junior.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Morning Lesson

I was out back instructing a herd of elk on how to avoid hunters so they could stay safe. This big bull stepped out to catch the end of the lesson. Our property is a refuge for elk and deer during hunting season because it is more open and they can see danger long distances. While they stood there with rapt attention listening to what to avoid this time of year I was able to get a photo of this big boy. Today was lesson number two in a series of three.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Start Of Winter

 While I was out yesterday shoveling a pathway through the 3" of fresh snow without thinking I was tossing it as far out as possible. That is just something that I do automatically so at the end of winter we don't have the snow banks closing in on us. As I was shoveling off our walkway I was thinking how it seemed like I had just done this recently. We had received 1" of snow last Friday and then on Monday another 3" but that wasn't what made it seem so recent.
I came into the house and paged back in my day planner where I keep track of the annual snowfall and found that on May 13, 2014, we had received 12" of snow. I counted back and that was a total of five months of Spring, Summer and Fall seasons crammed into 5 months time frame. That means our winters are 7 months long. We get into the habit of dealing with winter here in the mountains but often forget how long it actually is. That leaves only a little time to get our 9-11 cords of firewood in for the next long winter. It also leave a little time to enjoy outdoor activity without coats and boots. It may sound like a long winter - which it is - but I wouldn't trade it for any other place. The summers are glorious and spring and fall while short are equally great. So for the followers of this blog - plan on lots of snow photos over the next 7 months.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

October 10,2014, First Snow

 First snow - darn that was one short fall season!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Leaves

Back yard with leaves. The rain strips the leaves from trees and the smell is wonderful fall smell. Colors are vibrant and it is now full fall time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

More Trail Camera Photos

 The elk have been allusive this year. Probably because the poachers are using elk calls around us. When the area of the calling doesn't move for two to three hours and is in the same place night after night that is a pretty good indication that the elk are leaving the area due to heavy hunting of them. Elk will graze and move along and poachers will sit in the same place and call and call to try lure elk to them. First year we have had few elk around this time of year..and we believe the reason is poachers since there is no hunting in our community.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Wolves Should Be In The Wild

Check our my latest blog on wolves and the wolf refuge near us and my experience with a wolf that was given to me as a dog. Major learning experience..

Friday, October 3, 2014


 We have a wolf refuge not to far from our home and make the long drive every once and a while to visit the wolves. These are wolves who someone thought they could raise as domesticated canines only to find out that doesn't change the wolf in them. Then they try to dispose of the wolf or turn it over to a shelter because they can't handle it. That happened to me many years ago when a military friend asked me to take a 'Siberian Husky' that his brother had brought down from Alaska with him and he ended up with the 'dog '.
I took the animal but it had different characteristics than a domestic dog would possess. For instance its eyes were yellow and it had a strong dominance trait. It would burrow in the back yard even though we kept it inside. Other dogs were prey to it and it took a very controlled hand to control it. Large feet and while it bonded to me it did not care for other family members. In fact it even tried to kill me one time and was subdued. This refuge near us takes in animals like this and lets them live their lives in natural surroundings where they can roam but still be confined.
We sponsored one wolf named Lucas. Lucas was the alpha male and pack leader but not by dominance. Lucas loved and cared for the rest of the pack and led by the power of his enormous love. Even when Lucas became old not a challenger attempted to take over the pack as alpha wolf because they were unable to love the rest of the pack as much as Lucas.
That speaks highly of admirable leadership qualities. What if our leaders led because they loved us more than anyone else could. The pack leaders wanted Lucas to be alpha wolf because of his tremendous capacity to love. Lucas was a one of a kind wolf but maybe we could learn something from Lucas if we tried.
As to the wolf I inherited, I was the only one who could handle her and she was so smart she learned commands in 30 minutes. We ended up having to send her to a very large farm where she could roam and live out her life as a wolf. While she would mind me she did not like my ex wife at all. (that should have been my first clue). She was also dangerous to have around small children unless I was present. It is best to leave a wolf to be a wolf and if you want a pet find a domesticated dog. It is hard to take the wolf out of a wolf but I must admit that she was an obedient and loving girl towards me. Establishing yourself as an alpha male over a wolf is extremely hard. Our vet said she was far more wolf than dog and maybe all wolf. It is unfair to cross breed these magnificent animals. But in Lucas' case I believe he has much to teach us humans about leadership and communal living..

Monday, September 29, 2014

Pink Hew

 We had a very beautiful sunrise this morning with a very strange after glow. Everything outside was pink or had a pink hew to it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hindsight Is 20/20 by Sakoieta

There are many things we may hear during our lives. Special words that were shared that we really didn’t understand at that time and place. Sometimes during our days as we grow older and mature we go back to those words and then find they now have meaning that makes sense to us from where we are in our life’s journey and maturity. Years can pass between an event or a word spoken and our eventual understanding of it. It’s like a house being built. We can see the structure going up but we really can’t use it or know how to really use it until it is finished.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pack Rat #16

 We are one pack rat away from reaching our all time record of 17 pack rats per fall season. That year we had a brutal winter and the animals, birds and insects instinctively seem to know when it is going to be a hard winter. We catch them in the live trap and when that happens they enter our relocation program and get a free bicycle ride to their new home. The reason we don't want them around is they are destructive and they stink. This year we may actually pass our old record of 17 in one year because this seems to be a good year for pack rats.

I know some readers like me to adhere to safety rules when riding a bicycle but the little helmets are currently on back order probably due to the increased demand for the rats having a good year. I will continue to be very careful until I can get them fitted with helmets. These little guys are thrill seekers and take great joy going for a bike ride down a dirt road.  They can hardly contain themselves with the wind in their fur and want to stick their head out the window but ours is one of those cheap traps without a window.

While these little guys are cute they exceed their cuteness by being destructive. If you don't put your hood up on your vehicle they can obliterate your wiring harness and hoses in a single night. They like the insulation on electrical wires and will chew up anything they can sink their teeth into to make a nest. If you have small shiny objects around they really like to horde those. Little things like the chuck key to your electric drill, wrenches, screw drivers etc. Of course when you finally find it they have already peed their brown excretion on it and the tool will never smell the same.

We believe we have a good relocation program and as soon as we catch both male and female and put them through the program we seem to have another pair replace them. Dirty smelly little buggers.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall In The Rockies

 It is beautiful here in the mountains this time of year. It doesn't last long but when it happens it is absolutely beautiful. Maybe those leaves are so brilliant because of the blinding blue sky above them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn Leaves Are Falling Fast Now

The aspen leaves are falling rapidly now. They are starting to cover the ground and I saw these on the steps so picked them up to share. Aspen trees turn all shades of yellow, orange, red, rust and other colors. Sometimes the leaves hang in on the trees for much longer than they have this year.
Click on the photo and it will enlarge for a better view. The leaves are quite colorful this year but not lasting as long.

Evaluate Opinions by Sakoieta'

Other people’s opinions are just that, their opinion, not a verdict. There are those who have the personality type that want their view and opinion to be the only one that counts, the one that states what is valid and what isn’t. But even if they were correct in one instance doesn’t mean they always will be in every instance forever. It is our prerogative to accept someone else’s opinion as just that or not. We should always be free to accept things or not accept things. That is why we were born with free will and as we work with ourselves, our families, our clans, our communities, our nations and the natural world we should learn how to use it so that we do stay free and do not become bound by any sort opinion or verdict put over us by someone or something else

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall In The Mountains

 I decided to take the rough road home from getting the mail today and was rewarded with these beautiful shots of Autumn on its official first day.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Caught On Trail Camera

 Caught on the trail camera. Missed some good shots as the camera lens got dusty but is now cleaned off and hope to capture more photos from unsuspecting deer and elk.
The elk are bugling almost non stop but one caller is someone who is apparently poaching and is lousy with an elk call. Doesn't fool anyone including the elk. They finally gave up a couple hours after dark last night. No need to call the game warden as their calling is so pitiful that it doesn't fool the elk or anyone who knows what a real elk sounds like. They inadvertently left their cow call in the road to be relinquished to the game warden. They are now using a bull elk call and have a long way to go in mastering it. No one ever claimed poachers were smart - only sneaky and illegal.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Signs Of Fall

Every once and awhile an elk will stray past our trail camera. Here are two cows that did just that a few days ago. The aspen trees are changing color, the grasses are going dormant, the crispness is in the air, the elk are bugling, the wild rose bush leaves are turning yellow and loaded with rose hips, all signs that fall is in full swing. I don't know which I like better - the smells of fall or the color change. All tell us that it won't be long until snow is falling and we start the grind of clearing it away so we can get around outside safely. Time to go over our winter preparedness list one more time and make sure all is done but in the meantime I think I will just lay in the hammock in the back yard and enjoy what the day has to offer.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

First Fall Color

 Grass has stopped growing, garden almost done except for zucchini, trees changing to yellow and orange, elk bugling - I'd say fall is upon us here. The weather forecasters are saying the peak season will be from Oct. 1 to Oct. 10 in our area but I think it may be on the decline by then. Leaves are already falling.

Garden box with lettuce is done for the year and made ready for next spring. The leaves on top of the box are a sure indication that fall is here and you can smell it in the air.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Trail Camera Shot

We have been seeing this mama doe with her two babies all spring and summer. Her she is caught in the trail camera and in each bottom corned are the two little fawns still in spots. They have grown a lot since we first saw them. Their tiny hoof prints were barely an inch long. They were out in the back one day when I let the dogs out one at a time and mama gave them some kind of signal and they both dropped down into the long grass and disappeared. Interesting to have had the opportunity to see them grow up and see them become more self reliant like in this photo. They used to stick very close to mom...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Winter Readiness
Check out our latest blog on Mother Earth News about all the proactive preparation it requires to live in the mountains. Once the snow flies it is usually to late to do outdoor tasks. It can be found at the above link.

Taking Your Own Path by Sakoieta

I learned many years ago that the path I walk is my path and no one else’s. I have my path and you have yours. Everyone has a path. Each of us are on it whether we realize it or not. At some time we will come to know it and accept it as such. When we walk that path we know because we are happy and content. It doesn’t mean that we just sit around and expect everything to come to us but there is a reciprocity that we need to remember in that whatever we do or set in motion will return to us in a bigger way than the manner in which we set it in motion. Being on our path in a good way means that we are doing our earthly work and causing no one or anything harm.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Child In The USA

We often think our country and the world are getting worse but maybe we don't look hard enough at the things that count. Consider the following regarding children:
In 1990, 105 children would die each day before their first birthday.  In 2014, 66 would die before their first birthday.
In 1990, 10 children were killed by a gun each day. In 2014, that number is down to 7.
In 1990, 6 children died each day by suicide. In 2014, that number is down to 5.
In 1990, 719 children were born each day with a low birth weight. In 2014, that number is 865.
In 1990, 27 children were born into poverty. In 2014, that number is up to 1392.
In 1990, 217 children were arrested each day on drug charges. In 2014, that number is 408.
In 1990, 1,849 children were abused each day. In 2014, that number is 1837 each day.

So fewer children are killed each day, more are born into poverty, low birth weight is up, suicide is down, child deaths before age 1, are down, death by gun is down but abuse is about the same.

Some area's are down, some are up and some are the same. So in summary things are roughly the same 24 years later. Not particularly worse but not particularly better either. We sometimes believe the world is going to hell in a hand basket but when it comes to children it is about the same. So my question is why is it the same? What have we as society been doing regarding children the last 24 years? Perhaps we are doing it wrong. Could it be the old values may be best but we have zoomed past them so fast that we have lost them and their benefit?

Far be it from me to make that determination but I find this information worthy to consider. Have we really made progress in the past 24 years regarding our children? Children are our future.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Pack Rat Ride

 This is number 11 so far this year. Catch the pack rat in the live trap and give them a ride down the road on my bike. It is an exciting ride for them as we go over the rocks and ruts in the road en-route to our destination away from human habitation. I actually heard this one go wheeee a few times and saw him put his little front legs up in the air. When we got to our final exit point in relocation I held the trap up and with the pack rat looking me in the eye I explained to him that this was a much better place for him to live and there were several blow down piles of trees that would make an excellent home.
I believe he said he wanted another bike ride and that one was the most exciting one he had ever had. He was also reluctant to leave the trap when I opened the door. Since many of his brothers and sisters are located at this new location he should like it a lot.
It was this particular rat that Disney modeled Mickey Mouse after. They are cute if they didn't smell so bad and were so destructive. I found his nest and will clean it out later today. No telling what I will find in the nest. Last nest I cleaned out I found a dead and totally dried mouse. These guys will gather just about anything and horde it in their nest.
Enjoy your new home #11.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sarah The Sweetest Girl Ever

My friend Sakoieta posted a video of 5 German Shepherd Dogs walking obediently behind their owner off leash. That got me to thinking of our three German Shepherd Dogs and how well behaved they are. The above photo is of our happy Sarah who is over 10 years old now and is so gentle and sweet. Each day we have a little ritual where after their breakfast we go out into the back yard together and I pick up the poop from earlier or late yesterday.

Sarah will protect me by checking out the surrounding area and then she will sniff her way around the back yard for a few minutes. It is a chance for her to have some alone time with me without her two brothers pestering her. I will tell her it is time to go poopers and she will go find a suitable place to relieve herself. I will then tell her what a good girl she is. She doesn't need me to tell her to poop because she has been doing it fine by herself for over 10 years. She likes to be told she is a good girl and we use that natural event to make a fuss over her and let her know she is a good girl. It is that time of day when she would go poop anyway and once praised she is generally always smiling.

We use every opportunity to tell our boys and girl how good they are and hence they know what we expect/like and do it to receive our approval. It may only be a little thing but they are in tune with what we desire for them. People are a lot like that too and need reinforcement and praise. It can be the smallest thing but in their life it weighs huge. Sometimes in our busy day we forget this basic need in our relationship with others. The poop routine only works with Sarah and if I complemented my wife on doing the same I'd be quickly taken in for a psychological evaluation. You have to be smart about what you use for praise and it must be sincere.

Every night I have another ritual where I go to where each of our fur family is and tell them good night and how much I love them. They surely don't need to hear that but it is reinforcement each and every day. We try to show it to them all day each day. They know the word love but they probably don't know any more than it is a good word. After all they actually live the word out in their lives every minute of every day. They like and wait for our little ritual each night and would think they had done something wrong if I failed to do it. I get down and right in their face tell them which I also believe is important in making that connection. Aren't people like that too? Not just the meaningless or passing ritual of saying "I love you" but they need to hear it with sincerity. If those two little rituals can change our fur families lives for good what could they accomplish if they were applied to our human family too?

Those two rituals are two of the most important things I do each day and the benefits are easily seen by anyone who visits us. Are you to proud to get down and look your pet in the face to tell them you really love them?  They may not understand the words but they clearly understand the meaning and intent. Our fur friends are devoted to us not because we demand it but because of a love bond that is reinforced each day.  Find someone today to tell how much you love them whether they have four legs or two. Get right in their face and look them in the eye and try it and see if you notice a difference in the relationship. I know our three furry family members will look right back at me and I can see the love and devotion in their eyes. Try it yourself because the rewards far exceed the small amount of time expended.

A final story about Lucas the wolf. Lucas was the pack leader at a local wolf refuge. When the alpha male gets old and can no longer defend their position in the pack a younger male will challenge them and assume that role. Lucas loved each and every member of his pack so much it was evident. When Lucas became old and the younger males in his pack could have easily taken alpha away from him none even attempted. Why? Simply because none could love more than Lucas. The rest of the pack respected Lucas for his ability as pack leader to love them all greatly. Lucas was pack leader because he loved so much..I think we could all learn a great deal from Lucas the wolf.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Dog Thoughts

But mom, you said I was your child. Can't your child curl up in MY chair. It rocks you know.
You can sit in it when I'm will like it too...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Mail Box

 17 years ago when I retired the office and those I worked with across Pennsylvania held a retirement party for us. At that party I was presented with several departing gifts and one was a hand made mailbox by my friend and co-worker Tony Telep. Tony had made the mailbox on the theme of our A-Frame house. I was excited over this labor of love by Tony and being a woodworker I recognized just how much work had gone into making it.
Tony's advice was to use a good wood sealer on it each year and it would preserve the wood from deteriorating. I have taken it down each year and as I stain the roof and seal the rest of the mailbox I can tell just how much care was put into making it just right. Tony hand cut each of the roof pieces and weathered the exterior trim boards. I think of Tony often but especially each year when I treat the mailbox as Tony suggested. You can't help but notice all the care and effort that went into making this box by Tony when you seal the wood each year. He made every little detail just right and there is no question it was a labor of love from start to finish. 

When we moved out here I would send Tony a letter every few weeks telling him much of what this blog was set up to do - how life is here in the mountains. Tony then retired and he would call me on his cell phone around once a month. Then one day about three years ago I got a call from Tony who informed me he had a disease that was going to take his life. The lump in my throat was so big that it was all I could do to say goodbye to Tony and tell him how much I valued his friendship over the years and how I loved him. 

Then a few weeks later I heard that Tony was gone and I'm still heartsick over the loss of a good and true friend. A few weeks later I had heard from Tony's son who advised me he was cleaning out Tony's desk and found all my letters which Tony had saved. He said every time he would visit his mom and dad that Tony would pull out the most recent letter and read it to them and then put it away in his desk. 

Having a good loyal friend like Tony is priceless. Having a mail box that reminds me of Tony and how meticulously he made it is even better because each time I look at that box I think of Tony. I have it in a spot that  I see every day and what wonderful memories I have  of Tony and his friendship... 

Friday, September 5, 2014

More Dog Thoughts

Mom, purrtect me, dad wants me to go outside and its cold and damp outside. It is scary too. I want to stay inside and is it okay if I just look outside?  I don't like the cold and damp outside - mom purrtect me...Wait!!! What??? Walk, oh boy a walk.. I'm ready lets go... Yipee a walk.... Let's go...oh boy a walk... Yahoo, a walk.....I love walks.....Can we go to the meadow mom???Huh, huh???  Bark, bark, I love walks....lets go...Arroooo

Mountain Language

It seems everyone has their own language now days. We have ours too and its called mountain language. The photo above looks like fog....NOPE. When you live at 9,750' elevation it is actually clouds that have drifted in. We discovered this when we first moved here as we hiked to the top of the mountain we live on and while on top of the mountain we were probably having crackers and cheese with a little wine sitting on top of the mountain when we actually saw the clouds drop down and move right into the mountain. We were on top in the sunshine and our house below us was in the clouds.
So we don't say it is foggy outside because it is actually cloudy outside. Often like today there are particles of moisture drifting around in the cloud. The other half of this is saying "the clouds are rising" as they lift and move away. Or like a weather forecaster for Accu weather used to say this is a Maidenform cloud (he actually said Maidenform fog)  It will lift and separate in two hours...
Today is one of those days where we are in the clouds. I went down to the front gate to pick up a package and when I was 1000-1500' lower in elevation I could look up and see where the clouds met the mountain...and when in it the view was just like the photo above...

Dog Thoughts

What? Did I just hear the leash move?  Yup, that is what I heard, the leash moved...Wonder if it is time for a walk. Okay, I'll go but don't these people ever get tired of walking? Tiring them out is a full time job...Yup, I'm sure of it now that leash moved... Darn, I was real comfortable here in bed..why now???? Do I need to act excited or not... Well, I guess I can go for a walk but what do I do after the walk....

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I ordered The Journey Bible/Revealing God and How You Fit into His Plan from the site that I joined so I can review books for free. You can check the site out at This NIV edition of the Bible is very interesting.

The book is published by Zondervan which I know to be a reputable company. The editors chose 5 books of the Bible as those that would give the reader a good grasp on what the Bible is all about.  They refer to them as FIVE ALIVE and include Genesis, Deuteronomy, John, Acts and Romans. There is a page and a half of “Jesus’ Famous One-Liners”…those quotes that we often might use even in every day life such as “Do to others what you would have them do to you.” (Matthew 7:12).

There is a FIVE ALIVE 30 day reading plan included as well as Book Summaries and Main Themes, Defining Moments of both the Old and New Testament and many other really neat features. Included in the chapters are side thoughts….Addressing Questions, Discovering God, Knowing Yourself and other topics to inspire thought.

Of course the focus is to draw the reader closer to knowing God and establishing a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. As it says on page xviii “You can visit the mosque where Muhammad is buried. Buddha was cremated, and his ashes dispersed. But when you go to Jerusalem and visit Jesus’ tomb…it’s empty.
I would highly recommend this Bible for any seeker…someone who is a “spiritual explorer”. You will not be disappointed.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Quick Fix - by Sakioeta

Everything has a reason even though in our quick fix world we often want the answers right away or understanding to come immediately even though Natural law does not work that way. Everything we see is like a puzzle with all the pieces thrown about, it takes time to identify each piece to be able to determine where it fits into the larger picture of things. All of the puzzle is there but often in our present condition we don’t comprehend the first thing about fitting the right pieces together. It takes time. I learned long ago that patience was needed with everything and that if we were going to look at a situation accurately and find answers we needed to embrace it holistically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally as well bring all seven of our senses into play so that we see it, smell it, taste it, touch it, hear it, gain awareness and finally receive insight into how to best be a part of finding the answer. It is necessary to keep all of our different ways of understanding open. There have been many times I have been shown the answers or been given directions and guidance through dreams when the other pieces still needed one final piece to bring them all together and have them fit.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Extend A Helping Hand - by Sakoieta

In my life I have seen times where people let their pride rob them of help they really needed and also robbed other people of the chance to really reach out to help someone. I often wondered why is it so hard for people to accept help from other people without people feeling negative about it or even angry. No one is saying that person has not done really well and as good as they could do. They have just noticed that with that little extra bit of help that person can finish the job faster, get it done quicker, be able to finish things more completely. When people need help it doesn’t mean they have fallen short. If they have done everything they could do to help themselves then it should be considered as maybe it is time for someone else to have the chance to give. If the feeling of accepting help is awkward, then we can remember that feeling and respect it next time we help someone. Pride can at times be an admission of weakness and gratitude a sign of strength. We can give graciously but also receive in the same manner. It helps to keep us healthy and balanced.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Large White Stripe On Top - Flag Pole Side

Is there a proper way to hang the British Flag.  You bet there is and I found out the hard way. The large white stripe goes on top and the inside. When I was in the US Air force, stationed at Kindley AFB, Bermuda I was assigned flag duty one day. We were host on the British island and hence had to fly the host flag along with the US flag. As we looked at the flag before we ran it up the flag pole it looked okay to us but as it turned out it was not all right. We had a fifty-fifty chance of hanging it right and we took the wrong choice.
None of us knew the difference of large white strip on top and it had probably been run up the flag pole wrong numerous times before. This particular day the Island Governor just chose to visit the base and of course he noticed it immediately. He really made a big deal out of it which was right since we had hung it upside down - not knowing the difference. Apparently he didn't say anything to our base commander but went through diplomatic channels so it came down to the base commander via channels and gained momentum as it filtered down to us. Didn't take long to get it hung right and everyone properly educated on the RIGHT way to run it up the flag pole.
That was the day the entire base from our commander down was educated on how to properly fly the British flag. Who knew - we didn't but we soon found out..

Ignorance by Sakoieta

Personally I believe we can always forgive ignorance to some degree, but when it is willful ignorance that is a totally different issue. The sad part is that the two often go hand in hand to create danger. The main objective of this type of personality is to take advantage of or to prey on anyone or anything for no particular reason, other than they can and are able to. We need to be able to be aware of people like this and not give them opportunity or reason to take advantage of us. The worst people to deal with are not those who are ignorant and can be educated, but those who are ignorant and choose to remain willfully ignorant.