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Thursday, June 8, 2023


Klaus, has been to the doggy doctor and it appeared he strained his left hip. He was given pain med's and is doing very well now. Lucy has a small sebaceous cyst and it is good for the moment but the vet will remove it if it gets any larger. We are watching her and will make the decision if and when it gains ln size. The protrusion on Klaus is just a skin tag and the vet said he is alright with it as it may go down in size or get larger. It does not need to be removed or drained. 

Using Trees No One Else Wants:

The above and below photos depict an aspen tree that burned in the center from the wildfire 5 years ago. No one else would want this tree but the outer wood is excellent and tempered from the internal fire. It is also the perfect thickness for splitting. We have the logs cut and now all we need to do - later today - is cut it to length and then split it. Hopefully this will give us the wood needed to almost complete our firewood for next winter. I have one or two more trees that I will cut down as soon as it dries out at the turn around where the road crew made such a mess. Next on the summer list to do is haul branches to the burn pile.. I was very happy to get this dry tempered tree. They are hard to find. 


Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Off To The Doggy Doctor Today:

 Klaus has a small growth on his left rear leg that we just discovered so I called yesterday for an appointment to have him and Lucy - who has another sebaceous cist on her neck to be seen. I called at 9:30 AM, and at 3:00 PM Klaus got up from his bed and couldn't put his left foot down. He was fine earlier in the day but suddenly he was hobbling around on three legs. 

It now turns out that the visit will be more involved than I thought. He doesn't show any pain only just isn't using his left leg. Hopefully we will get some answers today and treatment that will solve his issue. If it had to happen it couldn't have been at a better time since we already had an appointment for them to be seen. 

The area to where we need to cut firewood is muddy from the rain so timing is perfect to have these guys seen by the Vet. 

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Temporary Halt To Firewood:

A few years ago the road foreman asked if he could make a turn around on our property for his heavy equipment so he could turn around without going so far down the road.  Since we are the last house on the road - when they plow in the winter it made good sense. Turns out that he opened a turn around without asking me if the site he chose was okay. Regretfully it is where several springs exit to flow down the road and on down the mountain.  

Now they flow and collect where he made the turn around. In the winter the ground is frozen so the grader can not bog down. I asked if the road crew could fix the area. They just added more dirt and messed up the ditch running the opposite direction that allowed the water to run downhill instead of collecting in this newly created area. They were going to put a load of pit run (large river rocks) but they dumped them in the road instead of the area where they are needed. Again without talking to me. 

I had the association president out yesterday to see the mess and he will have some pit run put in the affected area as soon as the new road crew starts. The old road crew left and the association had to hire new people to do our roads. In the meantime I am unable to access the area where the firewood trees are located to finish getting our wood in. The mud is knee deep so ordinary vehicles get stuck if they venture into the area. 

The springs that flow into the area will continue to flow until late summer or fall so unless the area is fixed getting our firewood in is going to present a problem. I need 4 more cords of firewood and being older and slower I'm starting to get concerned. I can cut the trees down but I would have to drag them through the mud to cut them up not a good process.  

Saturday, May 27, 2023

A Step By Step Process:

 In reverse order

Step 3 is split logs.- haul to wood shed: 

Step 2, cut to length:  above photo
The first step is to cut the trees into logs and bring where we can process them. above photo. 

Friday, May 26, 2023


Top photo is yesterday - bottom photo is today. Not bad for a couple of oldsters like us. Next we use the grapple to place the logs in the sawbuck and then cut them to length and split them. 


Thursday, May 25, 2023

Little By Little:

Finally this year I was able to get the grappler on the tractor with the help of the mechanic that serviced the tractor. Last year it was impossible as I just couldn't get the hoses connected. 

We are getting trees in front of our house in the ditch area that the road crew pushed over when they came down in one of the major wind storms we have had. The trees are well dried out and we pull them up on the road, grab them with the grappler and bring them up where we can again use the grappler to lift them to waist high and cut them to length. 

The splitter is only a few feet away so we split them and load them in the trailer and haul them to the wood shed where they are stored until next winter. 

Monday, May 22, 2023


 Last evening we had a rainbow after a brief rain.  It was much more brilliant than the photo shows. It was just across the road from our cabin. 

This is such an amazing place. This morning as I write this we have elk milling around outside our shed and out behind our place. There are also deer but I know if I go out they will hear the door open so I can't get a photo as they are so close they would run away. 

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Sudden Halt:

Our firewood cutting came to a sudden halt yesterday and continues through today and if the weather forecast is accurate will go through tomorrow. Much needed rain to help make up the deficit in snow moisture. This winter we only received 152" of snow compared to our average of 264".  Quite a deficit.  

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Getting An Early Start:

We are getting an early start for next winters firewood. Work slower; start earlier. The process is cut the dead tree down, cut it to firewood length, haul it home and stack it where we can access it with the log splitter, split it and toss it in the trailer, haul it to the wood shed and unload it and then stack it in the shed where it will remain dry. The photo above shows the 14" aspen that we cut down - waiting for splitting. There is more stacked behind those visible logs that needs to be split. In the bottom photo are two trailer loads that has been split and needs to be stacked. It is a long process which takes much longer nowadays than it used to when we used to be younger t


Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Slow Work When You Are Old:

 Mountains get some pretty bad wind and  we certainly have our share. For us the wind means work and when you are over 80 years old the work goes very very slow. 

We struggled to get this heavy 40' ladder on the garage. When you have arthritis going up and down that ladder really aggravates those painful joints. We have been working on replacing shingles on the garage roof for several days. We are down to about 10 more shingles to be replaced.  

I tried to find someone to replace the shingles but no-one wanted a small job of replacing 20+ shingles. So we are having to do the job ourselves.  Handy men don't want small jobs and with so much work available small jobs are rejected. 

I have been trying to get the Kubota dealer to service our tractor for over three weeks and all I get is promises. I sure hate to crawl under the tractor to change the hydraulic oil and engine oil but I may end up doing that as well. "We'll be out next week," is getting old to hear. Been a member of the co-op  for almost 30 years and the service has diminished from when I first joined and bought 3 tractors and numerous implements from them. Things certainly have changed over the years, and not for the better. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2023


 For the science fiction, unexplained phenomena or others this was on our security camera night before last. Right below the camera I have a solar light that is activated by motion. It was bent down so what ever this was it was large enough to move the entire sensor light down. We have had strange things happen here due to our lifestyle of living remotely but this is the most strange of all.   

I have another motion activated light which you will see in the top right corner of the video and what ever it was it activated that light. Weird!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Arthritis Pain:

 I have had arthritis pain in my knee due to surgery where my meniscus was removed many years ago. The doctors said I would get arthritis in that knee and the time has arrived. There is really nothing that can be done other than topical treatments. I read the little booklet that came with the gel and it suggested I consult my doctor before using the gel. I did that and sure enough I need to alter my Rx daily routine. 

I have heard that this really helps and I'm anxious to see if it will work for me. If any readers have had experience with it - good or bad - I would appreciate if you would share with myself and other readers. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Hat Rack:

Almost everything here has a story behind it. These antlers were provided by a traveling companion of Junior the buck deer that actually adopted us but that is another story. Junior came around with two of his traveling buddies and they would all stand outside the gate and I would go out and talk to them. I learned that deer tend to understand our intent if not some of the words we use. It was springtime and I had been out socializing with Junior and his three friends for about 20 minutes.

The one deer we ended up calling Hat Rack was standing about 3 feet from me and I told him if he would shed his antlers I would make a hat rack out of them. A couple minutes later he gave his head a shake and one of his antlers fell off. He walked about 20' away and gave his head another shake and the other one fell off. I picked them up and the photo shows the hat rack I made from them. 

I have another story about Hat Rack and that was one fall when he came around alone. Again I was out at the picnic table talking to him and I told him I was worried about Junior as he had not been around for a while. Hunting season was about to start and I wished Junior was nearby where he would be safe. Hat Rack walked off and two days later I looked out and here came Hat Rack leading Junior and another buck deer to the cabin. 

Some may call it coincidence but I believe that myself and Hat Rack had communicated and he led Junior and his other buddy back where it would be safe during hunting season. I have found that deer are pretty intelligent animals and have seen that demonstrated numerous times. 

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Early Start On Firewood:

 We have been enjoying some milder weather so we got an early start on the firewood. Spent the past two days splitting logs that we had previously cut to length. Now when the snow melts to where we have to drop it we can finish the job  and refill the woodshed. That is a pretty big stack that I be estimate to be close to 1  3/4 cords. Only 8 more cords to go..

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Will This Masters Ever Be Finished:

I watched an interview with Jack Nicklaus,  Tiger Woods and Scottie Scheffler today.  It brought back memories from years past. I was working in Jacksonville, Fla. for Hartford, the sponsor of the Bay Meadows tournament. Myself and my manager had free tickets to the event. We could only go out one day so we chose the day when the golfers played with the sponsors. We could not play but we did have access to the pros and could walk the course with them. 

I was around 27 years old then and my manager was about the same age. Jack Nicklaus was a couple years older and we decided to follow him around. He was not the super star then but a great golfer.. There were only 5-6 of us in the party and we were observers. We chose that day to avoid the crowds. Jack would tell us about every shot he was taking and how he would make the shot. 

He was every part the gentleman and cordial and it was like friends walking down the fairways together. Everything was very relaxed. Just watching and listening to Jack tell about his strokes and how he did them was valuable information. Both Dick, my manager, and I played golf every week or two and we both picked up enough information from Jack Nicklaus to take strokes off our games. 

Watching Jack in the interview today I saw the same easy going and congenial man we walked that golf course with all those years ago. Of all the pros that were available we sure picked the right guy to follow around. Any other day of the tournament there would be throngs of people but on this day there were only a few of us following Jack Nicklaus. Some of the other pros had larger groups following them but our group was small. What a wonderful memory. 


Friday, April 7, 2023

Potato Chips Made at Home:

Decided since today was donut day I would also try some potato chips. We ran them through a thin slicer and washed, rinsed, drained and rinsed more. Let them soak in lightly salted cold water and did them in the deep fryer. The photo does not show how well they came out but they came out just fine and are so tasty with just light salt and pepper. 

Last time it was an experiment and guess work but this time I found several recipes on the internet and this one looked the best. Total time 1 hour and we have potato chips for several days. Yummy.....

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Lucy Follow Up:


Lucy was having some behavior problems and they surfaced suddenly. We have made two appointments with the vet but after we made the appointments her conduct improved so we cancelled the appointments. We live with these fur family members 24/7, and watch their behavior carefully. We decided that her problem was behavioral and not medical. We started to provide her more exercise and individual attention and her conduct went back to normal. 

We never really had to do any training with her as her conduct was exemplary from the start when we adopted her. Training should be an ongoing task so we have ordered training treats to work on the "come" command. Treats are tasty and different than the little milk bones she normally gets. We have checked her all over and she has no medical issues or behavior. It will be a good chance get in a refresher course in training both dogs. 

Friday, March 31, 2023

Lucy And Her Stubborn Behavior:

 Lucy (age 4 1/2) has suddenly become very stubborn. She was trained to not go out the door when we did so we can better keep track of her and she only goes out when we tell her it is okay. When we let her out she sometimes refuses to come back inside. Also, she sometimes forces her way out the door when we go out and won't come when called. Totally unlike her. 

We believe she is afraid of the wind and the noise it makes. We have had several windy days and it is during the windy times that she gets this stubborn streak. We have been giving her "thunder wonders" which are natural ingredients that calm nervous dogs. They seem to work plus we play symphony music on the television which calms her. 

When this wind stops we will see if she returns to her normal well behaved self or not. If not she will be taken to the vet for a physical work up. We have checked her all  over for any painful spots and she is quite normal there. We have no idea why she is suddenly scared of the wind and the sound our cell phone makes when one of our security cameras are triggered. 

When she misbehaves we scold her for her behavior and she acts like she knows what she is  doing wrong but can't stop the behavior or doesn't want to stop.  We have never had a fur family member act like this before. She has her trigger issues that set her off and she is afraid but never has she acted like this before. 

A year ago we had a 20" tree blow over and hit the house and that scared us all but everyone else got over it - but Lucy may never have fully gotten over it. Until she does it will be the calming pills and symphony music. Fortunately we like symphony music. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mountain Morning:

 Sometimes it is worth getting up early just to witness the sunrise. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

New Bird At Our Feeder:

The top photo is a hairy woodpecker on the suet block. They have been regulars for as many years as we have lived her (25+)
The middle photo is a female Red Crossbill  and the bottom photo is a male Red Crossbill. We have never seen them at the feeder before. They get their name from the way their beaks tend to cross over at the end. Doesn't seem to impair their feeding though. They usually eat pine cone nuts but they sure like these sunflower seeds. 


Monday, March 27, 2023


We decided to do a little experiment today.  We were talking yesterday about having Rubin's for lunch today and Carol mentioned that she would do some air fries to go with them. I suggested that I use the deep fat fryer and slice some potatoes thin and make chips. I had never done that before but why not experiment. Besides its pretty hard to screw up potatoes. 

The slicing was the hardest as the old shredder we have has a loose handle but perseverance paid off and we got enough out of the potatoes to make chips. I thought I would spice them  up a little so sprinkled my spice that I use on potatoes when I make cowboy breakfast on them after they came out of the fryer.   A light salt and pepper added just enough kick to make them very tasty. 

I didn't know how long to leave them in the fryer but when they started to curl and darkened I figured it was probably long enough. Turned out that was a good guess as the photo shows they came out pretty good and with the added spice they had a notable kick to them. With the Rubin they made a very good compliment and we enjoyed a new and unique lunch. 

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Mountain Lions:

 It was recently reported that a mountain lion had "attacked" a man who was relaxing in his hot tub. As I opened the entire article and read down it revealed that the lion had merely scratched the mans head. He did not require medical attention and treated himself. That doesn't sound to me like a serious attack. The man and his wife were in the hot tub and the lion snuck up on them and pawed his head. It must have appeared to the lion as something to play with. In a serious attack the lion would have grabbed his head and hauled him out of the hot tub.

They lived remote - as we do - and in living remote you never let your guard down. The wife shined a flashlight at the lion and it ran away. Authorities are now hunting for the lion. Lions have a large range where they roam so hopefully they won't find the lion and it won't lose its life for merely letting its curiosity cause it to investigate what it thought was something to play with.  

I read the things to do when confronted by a lion in the Department of Wildlife publication. While good advice we could add some extra hints. Lions are naturally fearful of humans. Hmmm, maybe that makes them smarter than some humans. If they perceive a fight where they could get injured they will likely look for a way to flee. An injured lion could have its ability to hunt and kill to eat could be serious for them to survive. 

Deer do not challenge or try and fight a lion, they run from them.  Therefore a person who stands their ground or slowly backs up while facing a lion indicates someone willing to fight. Lions attack from the back as they are accustom to running down their prey from the back. I seriously doubt that opening your coat to look big impresses a lion - but looking like you will fight would impress a lion. 

Wild animals are very astute at reading your intentions. If you are bluffing the lion very well may perceive that and attack anyway. To run will trigger the lions prey drive and they are much faster than humans. It will chase you down quickly. I would rather fight than be chased down by a lion and die out of breath. It is best to avoid contact in the first place but if confronted I'll chose to fight. 

Monday, March 20, 2023

Mountain Hazards And Domestic Pets:

Keeping our domestic pets safe when you live remotely in the mountains is an ongoing task. As the photo depicts above small dogs and cats are subject to raptors and a host of other things. We had some friends who took their small dog out to go potty and an eagle swooped down and carried it off. Our friend was standing right there and saw their dog taken away crying out. Eagles will soar to a suitable height and drop the animal and let the fall kill it. 

There are not only raptors that are a threat to pets but we also have coyotes who will kill a pet. One time I was walking our dogs and a coyote came out taunting our medium size Gypsy. She lunged and broke her collar and took off after the coyote. Our German Shepherd Ben stayed next to me as we ran after her to get her back. 

The coyote led Gypsy into an ambush and as quickly as she ran off she came tearing back to us. One coyote was running along side of her and the other was about a foot behind her to grab her leg and bring her down about 20 feet in front of us. Ben took over and he had a growl that sounded like it came from the pits of hell and he challenged both coyotes. They did a 180 and fled. We know of other dogs that coyotes have actually killed. 

People move out here and let their dogs run free. They falsely believe that their dog can handle its own with coyotes. I know better and have seen the evidence. Maybe two dogs can fend off coyotes but a dog alone can not. Coyotes are of the dog family and are very smart and excellent hunters.  

In addition to raptors and coyotes we have bears, mountain lions, lynx, bobcat and deer. I have witnessed what a female deer can do to a coyote and a dog would be no different. When they rear back or pounce those hooves will cripple or kill a dog or coyote. 

It amazes me that people let their dogs run loose and think the dog can take care of itself. I have seen it numerous times and sooner or later the dog will fall victim to wildlife if allowed to wander. 

Perhaps the most dangerous predator is the human who looks for a chance to steal your pet. Several years ago someone stole three dogs in a nearby city to use to chase deer and elk that they were hunting and when they were done they left the dogs to fend for themselves. Fortunately the dogs found  their way to a friend's house and they helped get them back to their home. People need to be keenly aware of the potential hazards to their pets and take precautions to safeguard them if they really love them. 

Sunday, March 19, 2023

How The Covid 19 Pandemic Changed Lives:

I can think of little good to say about Covid especially knowing as we do now that it was a man made virus that destroyed so many lives. We are also starting to learn that while it was made in China that it was at least partially funded by the USA. Why  anyone would pay a lab in China to develop a virus that would harm so many people and destroy so many lives is way past my comprehension. 

All the machinations about staying safe from Covid from the start has changed lives. We now order on line and can get anything from toothpaste to parts for the blade on my tractor through the mail. While we do not get door delivery; we still have to drive 8 miles to the drop shed. By comparison that is better than having to drive 50+ miles one way to do our shopping. And the best part - most of our orders are sent postage free. 

Also, when we do have to shop for groceries in town we can order on line ahead of time and they bring our groceries out to the vehicle for us. We no longer have to spend time walking from one end of the store to the other to shop. We have always shopped from a list so we rarely make spontaneous purchases anyway.  

The above are some positive changes but there are also some downsides attributed to the pandemic. Stores we used to shop at have gone out of business and when making medical appointments we have to wait longer so the waiting rooms are not as crowded as they used to be. For example we had to wait over 4 weeks for an electrician to repair an electrical line. Our favorite auto repair shop is under new ownership so there are new employees whom we don't know. 

All in all Covid has changed lifestyles and patterns but some of the changes are very welcome and favorable to our remote lifestyle. What intrigues me - I wonder what other evil our government is up to and if it will impact us like covid did.... I guess it won't happen until it happens and because of covid I suspect there are far fewer supporters of our government than before Covid. 

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Denial - Lime Disease:

.  .

Several years ago I was clearing some of our property and got a tick bite on my arm. It  looked like the one in the photo below. I went in the urgent care and the doctor gave me an Rx for a strong antibiotic. I then saw my doctor who said there was no lime disease in Colorado. I had also taken one of our dogs in to the  vet who also said there was no lime disease in Colorado. When I went to fill my Rx there was a man in the waiting room who said his neighbor had contracted lime disease here in Colorado and she was really crippled with it. She was told there is no lime disease in Colorado too. 

I was told several times that what I had was Rocky Mountain  Spotted Fever which is in the photo below.  What I had was a ring on my arm and nothing like the photo below. I still don't understand why officially those in charge deny there is lime disease in Colorado. Saying it does not exist here is outright deception. 

We had a grey wolf one time right at our back door looking in and when I called the ranger I was told there are no wolves in Colorado. I am familiar enough with wolves to recognize  them. What we saw was clearly a wolf. Again why deny it as New Mexico has them and acknowledge them. We are not that far from New Mexico and I doubt  the wolves know where the border is or could care less. Others have also seen wolves in our area. Again denial instead of owning up to the truth. 

I later learned that if they admit we have wolves in Colorado they have to develop a comprehensive plan to protect them so they just  deny they exist.. Personally I find this way of dealing with things like lime disease, wolves and other issues troubling. 

Monday, March 13, 2023

USAF C--119 Cargo Plane and C120 Constellation

I was stationed in Bermuda for two years. I was the replacement for an airman who went nuts due to island fever. Some people just can't handle small areas and the guy I replaced was like that. He went nuts and checked out a .45 cal. machine gun at the armory and commenced shooting people. 

After I had been there over a year I decided to take some of my accumulated leave time and fly home to Mich. I caught a hop with two other people on the mail plane the C-119, photo below. After we were airborne the pilot told us the heater for the cargo area where we were did not work so it might be a little cool. Before we got to Selfridge AFB the three of us were huddled so close together - had we been any closer we would all be melded together. Glad that flight was over.  

On my return I had to fly a Constellation (photo below) back to the island. I had to carry my parachute and dingy with me as at the time they were too large for the mail to accept. As I was stowing them in the overhead rack the woman in the window seat asked me what they were. I told her and she asked why I would have those. I wish I could take back what I jokingly told her because, even though I was kidding with a big smile, I told her that they had been having trouble with the plane and they needed someone to survive to tell them what was wrong. 

She turned to the window and I did not have an opportunity to to explain to her it was not true. We were about half way to the island when the pilot feathered one of the engines and just out from Bermuda another engine failed and was feathered. She had her face plastered to the window watching the good engine and her back to me. We landed on a foamed runway and everyone on board was scared. I would say that was perhaps the worst timing for an engine to quit. 

There have been so many times over the years that I wished I had not been such a smart ass and not have said that. That was the first and last time I flew on that airlines and I suspect many of the other passengers felt the same, including that lady at the window seat. 

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Average Snow For 9,800' Elevation:

Over time things change - or at least that is what many profess. When it comes to snow levels that seems to be the norm.  When we bought our land it came with a HUD report that indicated the average snowfall was 264" on average. 

I have kept count of our snowfall for the past 5 years and it is as follows: 

2018 - 105"

2019 - 241"

2020 - 193"

2021 - 296"

2022 - 234"

Total: 1,119"

Average: 223.8"

So for the past 5 years the average is below what used to be normal. I have no idea how the prior average was calculated but we have in the past quarter century received as much as 320" and as low as 105". Plus that is at our cabin and I have noticed just 400 yards down the road that some storms deliver less/more than I measure at our cabin. 

So what does this have to do with average snowfall - actually not much as at the lower elevation in the front of the community they get much less that at our elevation. In short it tells me average snow fall in our community has to do mostly at what elevation and what location you live at. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2023


 Sunray DX Oil Company dates back to the 1930's and merged with Sunoco in 1968. My dad had a DX station before I was born and sold before I was born. He either sold or abandoned it sometime during the great depression. I remember a large box of these invoices in our attic and from what I could reconstruct when I was older was that he gave a lot of credit to customers and when the depression ended they did not pay him. He either lost or sold the building. Today it is a restaurant.

I do recall that one of my classmates from Kindergarten to High School only lived 1 1/2 blocks from us. His dad had an Indianapolis 500 car that he raced. When my dad had the DX station his dad was my dad's mechanic except when he was racing in the Indy 500. I recall seeing that racer parked outside my classmates garage but back then I really didn't have a concept of  how big that race was. The car looked similar to the one below. 

Seeing the current Indy 500 race cars on TV reminded me of just how old I am. I still think those old race cars were pretty cool. Going through some old records I found a sheet of my dad's old invoice forms. I don't recall all those people ever paying my dad. 

Monday, March 6, 2023

Animal Rescue Experience:

I volunteered for an animal rescue for several years and that was an eye opening experience. Currently there are over 3 million dogs in shelters and rescues. My job was to investigate applicants and either recommend them for a dog or deny them. When denied it was not personal against them but due to the fact that their circumstances did not warrant adopting a dog out to them. Like the photo says above - every dog deserves a home but not every home deserves a dog. 

When an 85 year old couple wanted to adopt only a puppy that would not happen. The odds that the dog would outlive them is more than likely and what happens to the dog then? It will go to a shelter in most circumstances. We adopted out only when the benefit would go to the dog. I also did not approve those adopting in order to give the dog to someone else. We would have no idea what that person was like or if they even wanted a dog.  

My background was such that I was suited to investigate potential adopters. I was trained to investigate criminal cases in the military and had very good instructors. My immediate superiors were excellent and I had FBI training as well as local police and sheriff training. The applicant would have to provide information on their past adoptions and references. It was amazing how some of the references they listed did not recommend them for adoption.  There was a host of things I would look for and the applicants never knew how closely we checked them out. Just because they were nice people did not help them - it was strictly whether they were capable adopters and smarter than the dog.

I recall some cases that were so glaring that they stuck with my memory. We did not adopt to those who  would transport their dogs in the bed of pickups. A guy applied one time who admitted to transporting in the bed of his pickup and actually had his prior dog fly out of the bed and fractured its pelvis. Or the family who wanted a replacement dog as their teenage son was playing ball with the dog and he tossed the ball up and the dog jumped to get the ball at the same time he swung his bat and he hit the dog and killed it. 

Or the guy who wanted a certain dog to enhance his status and even though I did not recommend him the owner of the rescue gave him a dog anyway. He left the rescue and took the dog for a hike in the mountains off leash and the dog ran off and he left him. He may have spent a half hour with the dog - not enough time to bond. Adopters must be smarter than the dog!

Some people really stick out as very poor risks to adopt. Others are excellent dog parents. It was my job to distinguish the difference as a dog's future was clearly at stake. I wanted to be completely sure that the adopter was a good fit and could provide a suitable home for the dog. A dog is a long term commitment and the adopter should fully understand that. Some applicants would try to deceive and outright lie and I dug deep enough into their lives to reveal the truth. 

I just wish all rescues and shelters would examine applicants closer and not just try to move dogs.  Dogs give us 100% and they deserve safe and loving homes. They are loyal and loving until their final breath and we need to be equally loyal and caring for them too. 

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Snow Fall:

 I keep track of our snowfall. Below is the total amount to this time in March: 

2018 - 87"

2019 - 198"

2020 - 172"

2021 - 193"

2022 - 124" 

2023 - 95"

The Spring wildfire was in 2018, and this year is the next nearest to accumulated total but there is a lot of snow season still left. The 2018 wildfire was started by a man who ignored the outdoor burning ban. That therefore, does not mean we will have another wildfire due to low snowfall unless we have more idiots who defy rules and orders. 

We also will have a difficult gardening year as our average snow fall is somewhere between 265 - 300" per winter season. We can only hope that 2018 was a wakeup call for those who might be tempted to have an outdoor fire. Things are usually fairly dry at 9800' elevation anyway so possible we can get more rain than snow this year. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Adrenaline Rush:

Back when I was in the USAF I was coming around the end of the runway when I saw a Canadian Vulcan coming down the runway taking off. It was so different from any of our planes I stopped to watch it. Our runway was elevated at the end  and there was a 4 lane highway a few hundred yards from the end of the runway. Beyond the highway was a large open field. As the Vulcan left the end of the runway it was clear it was not going airborne. It flew over the highway and plowed down in the field. As I watched it skid to a stop a crew member came out the door and was running across the field like a world class sprinter. 

I later learned he was the crew chief and he had a compound fracture to one of his legs. The way he tore across that field you would never know he had any injury. All other crew members got out safely but the plane sustained some damage. That is what an adrenaline rush can do for you. He ran over 100 yards with a bone sticking out of his leg in  Olympic time. That was one tough Canadian crew chief. Very fast too. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Favorite Photo:

 A friend sent me this photo which is one of my favorite photos: 


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Mountain Blizzard:


This is what a mountain blizzard looks like. Wind is between 10-25 mph and the snow is both blowing and falling snow. Visibility is down to 15-20' and we can't see the road. What we can see is the wind and snow blowing past our windows at high speed. Mountain blizzards are pretty dangerous especially if you are on the road because you can't see or tell where the road is. I have cleared the drifts from the driveway two days in a row and they are some seriously hard and high drifts. This storm still has a while to go yet.