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Monday, October 24, 2016


While I was fixing the dogs breakfast this morning I looked up and there outside the window about 12-15 feet away was a bobcat looking in at me. The above photo is from Google images as I was not able to get a picture from inside. The cat was probably 20 pounds and with much more fur than the one in the photo. We see tracks from them but rarely a sighting as they are pretty allusive. This one was just walking up the tractor trail watching me through the window like he was used to seeing people. Just a casual stroll past the window. He/she was beautiful and when I let the dogs out after they ate they never raised a nose so must not have smelled him at all. Unusual to have one that close to the house and just leisurely walk by a few feet away.

I called Carol to come see it but she was at the front window where a raptor had just flew up from the front yard. Since it was going away she could not tell what it was other than it was a big bird and not a raven. She did get to see the bobcat walk on down the trail. When we walk out our door we never know what we may find outside.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Recent Trail Camera Photos

 Mom and teenager... Mom is trying to tell him how to stay safe in a world where they are hunted by other animals and people and he is focused on a squirrel... Some things are universal....
Peek a boo.....

Friday, October 21, 2016

Trail Camera Photos

 You really never know what will show up when you check the trail camera. We have assorted animals around all the time and for the most part never see them without benefit of the trail camera.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Watch for a new blog on Mother Earth News under 'Nature and Environment' about Bozwell and his challenging food allergies. He is now on antibiotics and being treated with neem oil each day. Another food for him with less ingredients may hold hope for him and he seems to like it. Purina lamb and rice. He is acting like he feels better today....the blog is scheduled to go live Monday...

Monday, October 17, 2016

Holy Mother Of Winds

 Winds have been blowing (est) 40-50+ MPH today. Above live tree blew down across the driveway and I have already pushed one out of the road. A friend asked if I would check and see if his house had been serviced for winter and I was pretty scared to drive over to his house. There were at least 5 trees blown down on our road but you can get around them. There were several blown down on the road leading to his house too but I could get around them.
 I walked down the trail and found two trees across the trail and about 15 or more at various places down. I heard another one fall and it sounded big so I headed back to the house. I can't remember how long it has been since we have had wind like this. Trees are falling in the strong wind - both live and dead trees, almost constantly. Glad I have a workable chain saw to cut the one on the driveway up. The rest will have to wait until this wind subsides as it is just to dangerous to be out there now.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Heading Over The Mountain

Heading over the mountain but stopping at the trail camera for a photo op....

Friday, October 14, 2016

Firewood Crew

Last Sunday a neighbor I didn't know I had (Ben) came by the house looking for his lot. Many of the markers are buried under downed trees and lost so it can be hard to find your lot if you don't have markers. I went with his nice family down the road and we found his lot with the aid of a map of our section. During conversation he mentioned he would like to get some of the downed trees off his lot and was I interested. I have 11 acres of trees so I wasn't interested but it suddenly dawned on me that La Puente (the charity) was coming out next Friday to cut firewood off our property. I suggested he allow them to cut some of the firewood and he readily accepted. They will come again to cut firewood off our property but this will help him out where he can park his camper on his lot.

Here is the La Puente crew that cut a trailer load off his property and they left with a full load. There were 17 middle school children, 5 adults and myself. I cut the down trees up and the children carried the logs out to the trailer and loaded them. With the small load I had brought down by the driveway they left (all but one) with a full load of firewood to help keep people warm this winter.

The one that was unable to leave was John whose vehicle would not start. He ended up calling a tow truck to take it to Alamosa for repair so he spent most of the afternoon with us. What a pleasant day for me having another adult male to talk to and young kids to work with. These kids are delightful and I think the funniest part of the day was as follows: I had just cut a log to be hauled off and one of the girls called to another girl to have two of the boys come get it as it was heavy. That girl gave her a look that words can't capture and told her they could move more and heavier logs than the boys so why call them. They did move the log with ease and I didn't want to laugh and hurt their feelings or give them the wrong impression but was laughing heartily on the inside. When those girls grow up to adults they are going to be someone to reckon with. Made me happy to hear that happen.

People who can't afford firewood will stay warm this winter thanks to La Puente and these hard working youngsters and their adult chaperones. This group was from the Boulder area and nicer kids or adults couldn't be found. It was delightful for me to be with them today and to provide the needy with firewood in an area where -20 in the winter is not uncommon.  It has been an interesting day and all should sleep well tonight. I'm not sure who benefits more - me or those who get the firewood. I sure enjoy having these youngsters - if only for a few hours, to be around.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trail Camera Photos

 We haven't seen any elk in the past two weeks and suspect they have gone over to the other side of the mountain where the meadow is lush and green. It was nice they passed through our area for a photo shoot.
 After almost 150 trail camera photos it appeared having the camera up for over three weeks was long enough so we took the memory card out and down loaded the photos it captured. Looks like I had the camera situated in the right place this time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mystery Photos

I guess I had the trail camera in the right spot - close up photos are really close up.  Can you tell what part of the animal was photographed?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Limiting Senior Injuries

Check out the latest blog for Mother Earth News about how we seniors seem to incur injuries at the following link:

Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Echo

Today is our youngest  birthday. Echo turns 7 years old today. He celebrated with his favorite cake, pumpkin/peanut butter topped off with Okios vanilla yogurt. Earlier today he was treated with a good brushing and pet-a-cure. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wildlife Just Passing Through

 Carol was in the back of the house doing dishes and said there were some turkeys walking down the path right beside our house. I grabbed the camera and went out on the front deck and there they were right next to the house working their way through. We never know what may be outside which is why we always look carefully before letting the dogs out in the fenced in back yard. The deer like to bed down near the house as they instinctively know it is safe here.

Trail Camera Photos

 Night school at the trail camera. Getting instruction on life and living.
Turkey out for a stroll and it just happened to go past the trail camera. With all the aspen leaves on the ground it is easy to see we are well into fall.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mother Earth News Magazine

I not only blog for Mother Earth News magazine and manage their Colorado Facebook page but I also have been reading their magazine since 1972. While their website and Facebook page have some of the topics highlighted the only way to get the good tips, articles and down to earth information is to read the magazine.

I would encourage all visitors to subscribe to the magazine for one year to see if you like it. I have not found anyone to date that hasn't liked the magazine. Subscription rates are $12.00 (US) and more for Canada due to the increased cost of mailing to another country.

I personally like to hold the magazine in my hands and read the topics, hints and suggestions over several days. Of all the magazines on the market I find Mother Earth News one of the best. I'll bet if you subscribe at the end of the year you will renew. If interested in getting it delivered to your home just click on the link below.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Season Is Falling From The Trees

 Leaves in the road and trees becoming bare and it looks like the Fall season is in decline now. That means the it won't be long before the snow comes.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall In The Sangre de Cristos

 Soon the beautiful yellow leaves will be gone and the outdoor cowboy breakfast will be under several feet of snow. At our elevation (9,800') we average 260 -300" of snow a year. Now we can just go out and cook breakfast but in another month we will likely have to shovel a path to the re purposed cook stove.
 The swing is covered in plastic to protect it from the harsh winter snow and winds. We will only be able to reach it when the snow flies by snowshoe. Even with several feet of snow we still go to the swing in the winter. We usually carry a thermos of hot tea and just sit and enjoy the silence which is total that time of year.
 Where one of the two year around springs pool before running on down the mountain. A peaceful place where the birds flit in and out to get a bath or drink.
Aspen leaves turning yellow as the last sign of fall and each day there are more and more on the ground. Soon they will be bare and then it is just a matter of waiting for the snow to start. After the end of this month the snow that falls will not melt off but will remain until next spring. This is a time of preparation for nature and us. We are almost ready and when the tractor is serviced we will be fully ready.
Medical, dental and vet appointments are made and that should complete our preparedness for another long and snowy winter...

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Trail Camera Photos

 Elk captured in the past two weeks on the trail camera.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Color Change At The Peak

 I had a chiropractor appointment and from the last trip into town the colors have reached their peak. The forecast tomorrow is for rain so after  I got home I took Carol to see the colors with her phone camera. We took some photos to share so others can see how beautiful is now since the rain this time of year can easily turn to hail and the leaves will be gone. The above photo is from the end of our road about 1 mile away.
 The above photo is from the meadow down the road from our house. The photo below is from about two miles from the house looking toward the mountain range.

Recent Visitors

 I like to share our visitors with our readers but I usually wait a few days or even weeks to do so as we have poachers in our community.  I realized that they were watching our blog so they would know when the elk were around and I would see them driving up and down the road in pursuit of the elk which feel safe in our no hunting community. By not publishing when they were here the poachers are always several days late or weeks late.
 By not putting a date and time on the photos the poachers don't know when the photos were taken and I don't give them any clue.  It is sad that this has to be done but our house is situated where we see the poachers pass by and to protect the elk and deer we don't post photos of them until days later.
Here are three photos of some elk that meandered through our property enjoying the openness of the woods and safety provided.

More Fall Photos From The Mountains

 The above photo is where one of the springs comes up from the ground and runs clean pure water all year long. The photo just below it shows where it forms a little water fall as it goes into the culvert it has created over the many years it has flowed. The small stream can be seen at the top of the photo behind the grass and just to the left of the yellow stalk of skunk cabbage .
 Strong winds in the fall blew this paper wasp nest out of a tree. This one is small but we have seen them as large as a basketball.
 Below are aspen trees in their glorious colors. This is a invigorating time of the year with the cool crisp temperatures and the smell of dry leaves. This year the conifers have shed more needles than usual which adds to the wonderful smell.
 In the bottom photo if you look carefully you can see Mt. Mestas through the trees and off in the distance. At the right end of the mountain is LaVeta pass which goes to Walsenburg and we can also see it from our front deck.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Season In The Mountains

 Carol and I took a little trip to the other end of our property on the tractor this morning when we thought the sun was right. The aspen trees are now in full color and we have learned over the years not to wait to get photos. A strong wind or snow/hail storm could strip the trees in minutes. For better viewing click on the photos to enlarge them.  I wish a scratch and sniff feature was available so the smell of fall could be shared. The pine trees are shedding needles and the aspen leaves are coming down as well and when the sun heats them up the smell is intoxicating.

 Above is one of our two year round springs with the aspen leaves floating. I thought it made a pretty photo.
We have several aspen trees around the house and this year they are giving our homestead color. Fall time in the mountains is a beautiful time of year. Cool days and crisp air with the aroma of the earth and dead leaves/pine needles. Soon it will all be covered with snow for several months so the time to get out and enjoy it is now....

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Unexpected Change

 When we woke up this morning we had a little over an inch of snow and it was 30 degrees outside. Last year we didn't get snow until mid October so it is several weeks early.
 But the trees across from us are moving closer to full color.