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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Death Of A Lake

This used to be called the "Big Lake" within our community. It's source has quit running to keep it full and the evaporation rate can be seen each day. Whether it will ever come back is anyone's question at this point. 

Turkey Trail Camera Photo's

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Labor Saving Attachments

As we get older our bodies can't take the rigorous work that we used to do. We decided to work smarter and not harder. We purchased a box blade for the rear of our tractor to maintain our driveway and property without having to do it manually with a rake and pick ax and shovel. 

Also when we take the limbs and small trees to the dump site we used to have to load it in the trailer one at a time. It would take the majority of the morning to haul one load and we would be wiped out after that single load. We bought a grappler  that will allow us to drive up the the pile of brush, grab a large bundle with the grappler and drive over and deposit it in the trailer. It is much easier to unload than it is to load. 

It is time to give these old overworked bodies a break.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Big Lake (?)

This was always called the "Big Lake" which is at the end of our road. It is now dried up and only a fraction of a lake. If we had another wildfire it is no longer a source of water that could put the fire down. We have never seen it this dry before. 

Monday, June 29, 2020

How We Introduce A New Dog Into Our Existing Pack

This method has worked for us over the years and the photo is of Ruby. The sweet girl that gets along with all dogs and people.

Places To Go - Things To Do...

Night photo from Trail Camera...

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Wren's First Flight

This morning we had three baby wrens just out of the nest trying out their wings for the first time. They can fly a few feet and they were on their own for the first time. It was interesting to see them experience their first freedom.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Wild Flowers

Stump by house that a bear got after...wild roses and columbine
Below stump is by the house and a bear ripped it apart...

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


We have had a flock of crows around most of the winter to current. For four crows they sure can make a ruckus. Mostly they harass the flock of 6 turkeys that have been hanging around. We can always tell where the turkeys are just by listening to the crows. The turkeys don't seem to mind the constant harassment but for turkeys it is nesting season and I expect the crows are looking to rob the nest if left unguarded. 

Trail Camera Photo's

Monday, June 22, 2020


Why is it when you just get familiar with a given set of procedures that they are changed?  It is the same with our shopping in town - it seems when we get familiar with where items are in the store that management decides to change all the isles around. I was able to post blogs having learned all the techniques needed with ease. Now they have changed the format completely and trying to post a blog takes 4 times as long and often something goes wrong in the process and it doesn't get posted and I have to start all over. So until I learn this new format please be patient with me. I can't even find the symbol to line up my margins. Arrrggggg.... 


We are never quite sure of what we may see in the morning when we look outside. Today we saw a young mountain lion about 40 yards from the house heading down the mountain. In the past month we have seen elk, deer, turkeys and 4 different bears. Sometimes we will go for weeks without seeing any animal and then suddenly we will see an abundance of them at different times of the day. This lion had a destination in mind as he was heading down with determination. 

Friday, June 19, 2020

Trail Camera Photos

Two different trail camera photos. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Strange Behavior With Aspen Trees

 Top photo shows the small twigs that have fallen off the aspen trees. The ground is littered with them. The second photo is a twig that still has the aspen leaves attached and the leaves are dry.
 The third photo reveals all the dry/green aspen leaves on the ground that the aspen trees are dropping.

The only thing I can figure is that following the wild fire thousands of small aspens popped up and they are draining the root system which connects all the trees from needed nutrients for the bigger trees. The humidity is 9-12, and we have only had 1/2" of rain in the past two months. My guess is the trees are doing this to survive as a family of trees. I don't really know but it is super dry and the ground is very dry.
If anyone knows why the aspen trees are doing this - please advise...

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Low Humidity

The humidity is low, the wind blows 10-25 mph and everything is super dry. A recipe for wildfire and we hope it rains soon.

Trail Camera Photos

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Dry Conditions

The big lake at the end of our road is only a fraction of its original size. This was taken today and usually it is full and not just a small puddle in the middle. I have only seen it this low one other time and that was when we were in a severe drought.

The green aspen leaves and small branches are falling off the aspen trees. When I pick up one of those green leaves that just fell it is dry and brittle. The aspen trees are shedding leaves to survive.

Monday, June 15, 2020


There are presently 4-5 wildfires burning in Colorado and as dry as it is there will be more in all likelihood. Last winter in our part of the state we had 100" less snowfall than average. In the past 60 days we have had less than 1/2" of rain which is very unusual. 

Mother nature has a way of telling us just how dry it really is too. The aspen trees are dropping green leaves to cope with the lack of moisture and to survive. The hummingbirds are spending all day at the feeders draining them far more than usual. The ants are way less active and mostly underground. The birds have put off building nests and the wild animals are constantly in search of water. Our lakes and streams are drying up and the lake at the end of our road is almost dry.

Among all the other issues: riots, vandalism, staying home due to Covid 19, we are concerned with wildfire risks. All the area around us has burned so we are less at risk but those outside the burn scar are susceptible to wildfire. I don't believe in the last 23 years I have seen our land so parched and dry.  Coupled with the daily high wind (yesterday gusts up to 21+ mph) it is concerning to say the least.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Trail Camera Photos

 The other end of our property is a good place for elk and deer to graze.

People do silly faces when in front of a camera and so do some animals...

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Names That Fit Perfectly

 It was eleven months ago when we adopted Ruby. The shelter in New Mexico actually drove her up to us. Her name then was Doris but that just didn't seem to fit her. Carol was away visiting friends and I spent a half day calling out names to see if any drew a response. None did and at that time we were unaware she was deaf so she couldn't have responded anyway. I thought about it and decided to name her Ruby because I just sensed she was a very special girl. Of course she came with health issues like golf ball sized cysts on her body (5) and incontinence.  They estimated she was between 12-14 years old which the vet agreed with.

We had the cysts surgically removed and the incontinence is controlled with Rx. I chose the name Ruby because it is a rare gemstone highly sought due to its rare value. Little did I know just how fitting that name would be to this wonderful girl. She was like a gem in disguise and it has taken her 11 months to allow her character and personality to shine through. Each month was like pealing back a layer until the deep red ruby shined through.

We don't believe she was house broken and was possibly an outdoor dog. She trained herself to potty out back and while she was shy to the point of fearful she has come out of her shell. She now explores rooms in the house she previously avoided. She loves to play with her toys and she plays with Lucy as they chase each other through the house. She loves to explore the back yard. Ruby has let the true gemstone within herself shine through. We knew she was a one of a kind girl but we had to be patient until she in her own way evaluated life here and was able to accept it. She finally did and each day we marvel at how she has adapted and how much she has learned to love her life here.

If there ever was a poster dog for why we should adopt older dogs it is Ruby. What an absolute beautiful personality she has and there is no end to her love for her new family. It took her longer because she is deaf but she has finally shined through and we are so thankful that she is a beautiful "Ruby" gem in our lives. Not often do we ever get to witness such a truly beautiful transition like she has made. Ruby's name fits her perfectly..she is a very rare gem.

Garden Disaster

 We woke up this morning to an totally unexpected change in the weather. For over two months it has been in the 70-80's during the day and 50-60's at night. Our garden was growing well and was near time to start to harvest. Until last night when temperatures dropped into the 20's unexpectedly. It looks like our potatoes are gone as is the lettuce. Spinach and rhubarb are still a question mark. Just another reason why gardening is hard at high elevation. Fortunately I have some seed left so I can start over.
I almost forgot with this crazy weather. I went under the house to get a piece of cardboard to cover my garden box and when I came out of the basement there were 7 turkeys not a dozen feet away. Here you just never know what will be on the other side of the door - turkeys, bear, mountain lion or bobcat/lynx...

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Trail Camera Photos

 A bit scruffy but healthy looking.  Carol on her walking our fur family saw an elk with a very tiny baby that had just been born. We hope they go in front of the trail camera and we can share the photos. We put the trail camera at an area where there is a lot of game trails so hopefully........