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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cowboy breakfast

One of Bruce's favorite things to do is to cook a "cowboy breakfast" outside on the old woodstove. He usually makes yummy potatoes, spam (or bacon or sausage) and eggs---I make the biscuits. This morning we had our friends Vicky and Steve over to share with us. It was a little nippy but then the cowboys ate outside all the time!!!!


Corazon said...

It is the BEST breakfast in the mountains! It is not autumn without Bruce's cowboy breakfast!

Mike McFall said...

GREAT JOB!!!!! Makes my mouth water. I love it !!! Keep it up..
I'm a watchin!!

Sasha:) said...

And man are those cowboy breakfasts yummy!!!!!!!!!! Mmmm...makin' me hungry just thinkin' about it!!!

Doris and D.J. said...

We had the great fortune this summer to be invited to a Cowboy Breakfast, what an experience! Sitting outside on the wooden bench in the early morning hours, and watching Bruce preparing the sizzling bacon and eggs and potatoes on the hot grill and Carol serving us hot coffee and orange juice is just out of this world!! I was expecting bears to show up and join us, it smelled so good. Thanks for the good times,
Doris and D.J.