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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday, November 8

Today is my birthday, #62. An exciting one for us as I have elected to start collecting Social Security. The first check will come mid-January, 2009 and I see it as a nice pay raise!!! :)+
Even though the temp was only 30, Bruce cooked me a birthday breakfast. YUMMY! Same fare as always but as always it was excellent---spam, his special recipe potatoes and eggs. Then we looked up and saw that we had a special birthday visitation.

This guy is "Eddie", the brother of Junior. We know that it isn't Junior as Eddie's rack is lots wider than Junior's is. Junior did come back one day a few weeks ago but neither of us was fast enough to grab the camera. We are hoping that he comes again!
Eddie and Junior were young twins years ago when their Mom brought them around and Bruce, while working outside, would talk to all of them. Over the years they have come back to make sure all is well here. And so it is! It is a beautiful day! :)+


Mike and Pat McFall said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL!!! Congratulations on the new paycheck. Wish we were there to enjoy some of Bruce's "good cookin".

You're doing a great job on the Blog....just keep those entries coming. We love it!!

Hugs to both of you......Pat & Mike

The Stiefer's said...

Happy belated birthday Carol! And, I'm very envious of the social security thingy....I hope I can take my SS at 62, next July!! And, yepper, Bruce's famous "cowboy breakfasts" are wonderful! I enjoyed your blog, glad you are enjoying your new internet! Hope to see ya'll someday soon! Will keep ya posted! Love y'all, Sandy & Jim (your TX friendly folks) :)